Identification of Water Damages in Adjusting Hurricane Claims for Water Losses Other Than Flood

Source: North Carolina Department of Insurance

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.... In adjusting hurricane damage claims for homes within the 1968-1997 applicable residential code period, it is important that the inside of the walls be checked more carefully than newer construction to ensure that moisture hasn’t seeped into the walls that will eventually result in mold and interior wall rot. If adjusters do not look for moisture build-up trapped inside the wall, then this damage could be missed, causing mold and rot to proliferate and resulting in bigger...


Updated: 7/1/2016

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ATLANTIC BASIN SEASONAL HURRICANE FORECAST FOR 2016 Forecast Parameter and 1981-2010 Issue Date 1 June 2016 - Updated 7/1 Information obtained through July 2016 indicates that the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season will have activity near the median 1981-2010 season. There remains considerable uncertainty with this forecast which we outline in the following paragraphs. We estimate that 2016 will have an additional 5 hurricanes (median is 6.5), 11 named...

Hurricane and Windstorm Deductibles

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Subject: Hurricane and Windstorm Deductibles Description:  Follow this link for information on Hurricane and windstorm deductibles.   URL: Source: Insurance Information Institute Site Section: Cane Page

Historical Hurricane Tracks

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Subject: Historical Hurricane Tracks
Description: The Historical Hurricane Tracks tool is an interactive mapping application that allows you to easily search and display Atlantic Basin and Eastern North Pacific Basin tropical cyclone data.
Source: NOAA
Site Section: Cane Page

ICAT Damage Estimator

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Subject: ICAT Damage Estimator Description:  From the site: ICAT developed this website to provide easy access to historical hurricane damage information. All information is open source and based upon publicly available data. The data has been normalized to reflect current inflation, wealth, and population from what existed at the time of the actual storm activity. It is our expectation that this website will be a useful tool to media sources, local, state, and federal...

NOAA Factsheet - Hurricanes and Oil Spill

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Subject: NOAA Factsheet - Hurricanes and Oil Spill Description:  From the document;    What will happen to a hurricane that runs through this oil slick? • Most hurricanes span an enormous area of the ocean (200-300 miles) — far wider than the current size of the spill. • If the slick remains small in comparison to a typical hurricane’s general environment and size, the anticipated impact on the hurricane would be...


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Subject: The NHC

National Hurricane Center Home Page

Site Section: Cane

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