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    This page provides information and resources related to the handling of flood claims.

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    Some information found on this page

    —— include information ...

    On the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Claims Manual
    On Renewing/Obtaining Flood Control Number
    NFIP Fee Schedule

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    Significant Flood Events include ...

    ——Source: NFIP

    Hurricane Katrina (2005) with 208,348 Paid Losses
    Hurricane Sandy (2012) with 114,846 Paid Losses
    Hurricane Harvey (2017) with 92,385 Paid Losses

Flood Damage

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Claims Manual

Links to the current edition and previous editions of the NFIP Claims Manual.

Effective October 1, 2021
Table of Changes to the 10-2021 Manual
Effective May 1 2020
Effective June 1, 2019
Effective August 30, 2018
Effective September 2, 2013
The "read more" link will take you to the source the manuals, please check the Claims Manual section on that page,

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Colorado Flooding

Renewing/Obtaining Flood Control Number

Adjusters seeking to maintain their active registered status must attend an NFIP Claims Presentation each calendar year. Use the read more link for information about the qualification process or to contact the Bureau & Statistical Agent. Source: NFIP .

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NFIP Fee Schedule

You can check current edition and previous editions of the NFIP Claims Manual for the Adjuster Fee Schedule that applies.  It's based on the Date of Loss. The current edition has an Effective October  1, 2021. See Section 2 of the current Addition which states; 1. Adjuster Fees FEMA uses the current NFIP Adjuster Fee Schedule to make payment to insurers; the insurers, in turn, make payment to the adjusters. • Current Adjuster Fee Schedule effective August 24, 2017 (See Appendix A). • For ICC claims, use the ICC fee schedule, effective September 1, 2004 (See Appendix B)

Fee Schedule

NFIP Adjuster Claims Presentation Schedule

«March 2023»

NFIP Information for Claims Adjusters

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Here is a list of some of the resources for adjusters that can be found on the NFIP site. 

Last Updated: 2/18/2022


  1. Adjuster Authorization
    1. Qualified applicants applying for a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Adjuster Authorization are granted a Flood Control Number (FCN) through the Adjuster Authorization process administered by the NFIP Bureau & Statistical Agent on behalf of FEMA.
  2. Adjuster Certification and Workshops
  3. Adjuster Claims Manual The NFIP provides two types of Manuals, the Claims Manual "This manual improves clarity of flood insurance claims guidance to NFIP Write Your Own (WYO) companies, flood vendors, flood adjusters and examiners, so that policyholders experience consistency and reliability of service." and the Flood Insurance Manual, which is "used primarily by insurers and agents selling and servicing NFIP flood insurance." comments from the source.
  4. Claim Forms
    1. Here are some of the forms available on the FEMA page that the link takes you to;
    2. Adjuster’s Registration Application
    3. Adjuster Preliminary Damage Assessment
    4. Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) Adjuster Report
    5. Manufactured (Mobile) Home/Travel Trailer Worksheet 
    6. Cause of Loss and Subrogation Report
    7. National Flood Insurance Program Narrative Report
    8. Adjuster’s Preliminary Report
    9. Adjuster’s Final Report
    10. Proof of Loss
    11. Worksheet - Building
  5. National Flood Insurance Program Terminology Index
  6. Steps For the Assignment of Coverage D - Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage (ICC)
  7. Summaries of Coverage - Brochures that are available for insureds that purchase Flood insurance
    1. Source Page for the following - https://www.floodsmart.gov/whats-covered
    2. Summary of Coverage fo the Standard Flood Insurance Policy  - This document is a brochure that is provided\available for insureds that pruchase Flood insurance
    3. Summary of Coverage for Commercial Property
    4. Summary of Coverage for Group Flood Insurance Policyholders
    5. Summary of Coverage for Residential Condominium Buildings

Click here to go to their site.

The information below is from Section 9 of the Octorber 2021 NFIP Claims Manual

9 NFIP Adjuster Participation
In addition to the expectations set out in the prior section (Section 8 starts on page 9) , FEMA knows that adjusters are the face of the NFIP to our policyholders. Adjusters will likely be the first, and perhaps the only, NFIP representative a policyholder meets after a flood. The NFIP depends on the adjusters’ expertise and compassion to help our policyholders recover from what may be a devastating experience for them. The adjuster collaborates with the claims examiner to guide a policyholder through the NFIP claims process.

9.1 Role of the Adjuster
FEMA expects every adjuster handling NFIP flood losses:

  • To explain the policy to the policyholder and make recommendations to the insurer;
  • To communicate to the policyholder that the adjuster does not have the authority to approve or deny a claim;
  • To understand that all adjustments are only recommendations subject to reviewby the NFIP insurer;
  • Adjust all claims in compliance with the SFIP, this Claims Manual, and any applicable bulletin issued by FEMA after publication of this Manual;
  • To review and explain the building estimates and proactively assist policyholders with the contents claim and proof of loss; and
  • To help the policyholder to document their loss as completely and accurately as reasonably possible.

Adjusters must adhere to the WYO company’s reporting procedures and guidelines for whom they received loss assignments and forward any questions requiring clarification through the WYO company’s internal chain of command

. . .

9.3 Required NFIP Adjuster Registration for Independent Adjusters

In order to adjust flood losses for the NFIP, independent adjusters must (1) register with the NFIP and (2) possess an active Flood Control Number (FCN). To receive an FCN, an independent adjuster must possess the requisite qualifications and attend an annual NFIP claims presentation. These claims presentations keep the adjusting community current on NFIP claims procedures and guidance.9.4 Adjuster Qualifications The NFIP requires independent adjusters to possess certain qualifications in order to adjust different property types. FEMA will verify these credentials prior to issuing an FCN to an adjuster. Table 6 details what types of properties an adjuster can adjust for a given level of expertise.

9.4 Adjuster Qualifications

The NFIP requires independent adjusters to possess certain qualifications in order to adjust different property types. FEMA will verify these credentials prior to issuing an FCN to an adjuster. Table 6 details what types of properties an adjuster can adjust for a given level of expertise. (Note: the information below comes from Table 6)

Property Type: Residential, Manufactured Home, Travel Trailer, and Commercial Losses
Registration Requirements

  • Have at least four years of full-time property loss adjusting experience.
  • Be capable of preparing an accurate scope of damage and dollar estimate to $50,000 for manufactured homes and travel trailers, $250,000 for residential losses, and up to $500,000 for commercial losses.
  • Attend the annual NFIP claims presentation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the SFIP and NFIP adjustment criteria for all policy forms.
  • Have knowledge of manufactured home and travel trailer construction and valuation.

Property Type: Large Commercial and RCBAP Losses
Registration Requirements

  • Have at least five years of full-time large-loss property adjusting experience.
  • For large commercial losses, be capable of preparing an accurate scope of damage and dollar estimate of $500,000 or more.
  • For RCBAP, be capable of preparing an accurate scope of damage and dollar estimate of $1,000,000 or more.
  • Provide written recommendations from three insurance company supervisors or claims management personnel. Therecommendations must reflect the adjusting experience only

. . .

The excerpts above come from Chapter 9 of the October 2021 Edition of NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual.  Chapter 9 starts on page 11 of the manual. Please check and review the manual for any changes or updates

Note: Additional Documents are available below to download but login is required to access them.


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Need Flood Adjusters

Need Flood Adjusters? Click here to see those that report they are NFIP Certified  Adjusters please check and update your information if needed.

WYO Company Bulletins

Source: The National Flood Insurance Program | FloodSmart | NFIPServices

Follow these links to see all WYO Bulletins and to check on new Bulletins:  All 2022 Bulletins | All 2021 Bulletins

Flood Losses

Below is a link to a FEMA page that provides reports that can be downloaded which provides flood insurance losses per state.The table on that page includes open claims, closed claims, and claims closed without payment.

Below is another link that takes you to a page on the  Insurance Information Institute, Inc. website that provides Flood Statistics.

Flood Adjuster Capacity Program Manual

This manual has publish date of July 2019, here is a summary from the manual.

"FEMA is dedicated to increasing the nation’s disaster resiliency. To this end, FEMA’s NFIP is working hard to increase the number of households and businesses that are protected by flood insurance. As the flood insurance policy count grows, FEMA will need to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction throughout the claims process. To make this possible, FEMA has initiated the Flood Adjuster Capacity Program (FACP) and is partnering with WYO Companies, independent adjusting firms, and individual adjusters to increase the number of claims adjusters who are trained and available to help NFIP policyholders after flood events. The FACP will work to strengthen and enhance recruitment, training and professional development for claims adjusters nationwide."

Here is a link to the manual

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Additional Resources

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