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HOVER is a platform that transforms smartphone photos of any home to a fully measured, customizable 3D model so you can estimate a project confidently and easily visualize what the final project will look like.



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With a phone Copytalk helps adjusters become more efficient & productive! We have a simple & easy way for you to document your notes, client interactions & meeting conversations for claims & investigations. would that be of interest to you?

New England Laser & Transit Company

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 New England Laser & Transit Company is an online retailer for construction lasers, laser measuring devices, and transits. We service and sell brands such as:Leica, AGL, Agatec, Sokkia, Carlson and many more. Exclusive online retailer of the new "smart rod" first ALL-IN-ONE rod, receiver and digital distant meter. We strive to introduce products that integrate the latest in technology with the finest in innovation. Our goal is to partner with our customers in order to...

OrionCase L.L.C.

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OrionCase is a distributor for several major case corporations, including Pelican, Hardigg, Zarges, SKB, and Parker.  We specialize in reusable, weatherproof, transportable cases for any need from sensitive electronic equipment, to heavy tools, and military weapons systems.  In addition, we provide custom cushion engineering to meet protection specifications.

Tool Experts

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Tool Experts has a wide variety of instruments for the catastrophe adjuster.  Some of the more popular items include Cougar Paw Roof Boots, shingle guages, laser distrance measurement, moisture meters, and safety apparel.  With great prices, same day shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee you'll find shopping with Tool Experts a pleasant experience.

Cougar Paws

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  From the site; Cougar Paws brand boots and accessories were developed by a guy like you - a roofer - so they know the "ups and downs" of working above the ground. They specialize in traction boots, tools and accessories for roofers, appraisers and others facing the challenges of safety and stability on all types of inclines. The company, founded in 1996, is family-owned, so you know you’ll get the service and attention to detail you might not find in a mass...

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Disto laser measuring devices from Measure faster and more accurately with Leica Disto laser measuring device from Experienced adjusters help you select the right model and provide support after the sale. Check out the new Bluetooth models that download directly into Xactware, Integriclaim, Simsol, Symbility, Powerclaim, others. Enter CADO coupon code at checkout for 10% discount.


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This is a unique product designed by a catastrophe adjuster for use by all that use this unique set of tools, climb a ladder, and estimate repairs for damaged buildings. The "CatManDo" system by CustomToolBelt will be welcomed by the experienced staff adjuster, CAT adjuster, or new trainee. Roofing estimators and restoration contractors also wear this tool belt to promote professionalism, efficiency, and safety, during site inspections and damage assessment appointments.


Historical Weather Data

Weather Underground typically forces me to the nearest airport. I looked into CoreLogic, but unsure of cost.  Any advice on best option for securing weather data? Specifically wind with all of the fraudulent dates we get reported here in FL. I'd love some options and pricing.  Th

Posted: 01/12/2021 6:05 AM Replies: 2

Matterport for Fire losses

How accurately does Matterport measure, and also how would it work in a debris laden room?

Posted: 09/16/2020 8:36 AM Replies: 0

Matterport alternatives??

Looking at any and all viable options to use 360 tech to produce esx files Any help on this issue would be awesome.

Posted: 04/21/2020 5:55 PM Replies: 1

UAV’S (Drones)

I have been searching the WWW trying to figure out if I should upgrade my Drone and if it will be worth the money. Having a Remote Pilots License for several years and flying drones for even longer, I want to make sure the next DRONE I get is the right one for Adjusting work. I have owned several di

Posted: 02/13/2019 1:33 AM Replies: 0

Which mobile printer is best?

Can anyone suggest the best mobile printer to get. New adjuster here, just about to go through training at Pilot. Was looking at the HP Officejet 250 mobile, but wanted opinions first before taking that plunge. Thanks!

Posted: 07/11/2017 1:45 PM Replies: 3


Which nationally recognized software would be good to validate cost of new construction for your typical 2-3 Bedroom 1200-2000 sf residential structure?    Would it change if you were doing a commercial structure, such as an office building, convenience store or even a casino?  &

Posted: 11/02/2016 10:29 AM Replies: 2

Schedule It

Has anyone used this company for scheduling claims?  Pricing?  Is it worth it?

Posted: 10/06/2016 1:08 PM Replies: 5

Cell Phone Booster?

I've been running claims in remote parts of Texas where Verizon's coverage is spotty.  I've considered getting a sim card for AT&T on a prepay plan or something like that, but it seems to be a PITA to do, not to mention having to use a different phone number and swap the sim cards out all t

Posted: 12/01/2015 7:28 AM Replies: 1

Cougar Paws vs Vans, Airwalks, and Chuck Taylors, etc.

I've seen a lot of adjusters that prefer skateboard style shoes (vans and airwalks) or basketball shoes like Chuck Taylors over Cougar Paws for steep slope roofs. It's not that I'm being cheap.  I would just like to explore all options.  Have any of you used any other type of shoe besides

Posted: 11/23/2015 5:12 PM Replies: 4

Toolbelt Review

I have been a fan of the (cat-man-do) toolbelt for 9 years, and thought I would do a  brief review for those who haven't tried it. This is not an advertisement, I am not being paid. This is an unsolicited opinion to help those who are walking around holding a clipboard in th

Posted: 12/07/2014 6:53 AM Replies: 4

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