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The National Adjuster Roster

The National Adjuster Roster is a separate application on this site so once you create a user account you will need to login and visit the Roster page and use the “Add New Listing” button to add your name and information if you wish to be listed. The “Add New Listing” button is only visible if you are logged in. Click here for more information if you wish to be listed on the Roster. 

Please note that information you add to your user account is not added to your Roster listing.  For example, if you add your photo to your user account the photo is not added or attached to your Roster listing so you will need to add it to your listing.

If you have a Roster Profile and wish to update it you will need to use the same "User Account" that you logged in with when you added your name to the Roster, a new account will not give you access to anything added with an old account. Removing your "User Account" DOES NOT remove your Roster profile. If you need to remove your Roster Profile please contact us. is not employer and is not affiliated with any of the companies listed or advertising on the site. 

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