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Superstorm Sandy Victims Say FEMA's Role Is Fatally Conflicted - NPR

NPRSuperstorm Sandy Victims Say FEMA's Role Is Fatally ConflictedNPRHomeowners say engineers hired by insurance companies falsified damage estimates and that the homeowners aren't being repaid for the actual damage that Sandy caused. Some are questioning whether FEMA can be a watchdog for both...

FEMA In Talks To Settle Sandy Flood Insurance Claims - NPR

FEMA In Talks To Settle Sandy Flood Insurance ClaimsNPRBut FEMA is negotiating a sweeping settlement as if the allegations are true. Steve Mostyn is the lead lawyer for the homeowners already in litigation, but he says this future settlement will likely include many more Sandy victims. STEVE...

Don’t Mess With Texas Adjusters In Hail Damage Claims

Texas hail claim policyholder lawyers, like many plaintiffs’ lawyers, clearly prefer to be in state court rather than federal court. To accomplish this and prevent the defendant insurer from properly removing the lawsuit to federal court, Texas policyholder attorneys simply sue the...

Want to move to New Zealand and work as a Loss Adjuster?

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) will pay 24 of its staff $65,000 a year to fill new positions requiring just over one week's work per month. The public insurer is looking for candidates from within its workforce for "base contractor" positions, as loss adjusters and estimators, around the...

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