Addendum to the NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual — Special Adjustment Issues: Fiberboard Sheathing/Blackboard

WYO Bulletin w-17065


On October 13, 2017, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) updated the NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual by adding an addendum providing additional guidance on special adjustment issues surrounding perimeter wall sheathing. The addendum expands upon and replaces existing guidance found at Paragraph P of Section VIII of the NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual.

Hurricane Nate makes landfall as a Category 1 storm -- live updates


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9:22 p.m.: Storm surge could reach 11 feet in some areas Hurricane Nate made its first landfall on the Louisiana coast and is expected to make landfall around midnight on the Mississippi coast, CBS News weather producer David Parkinson reports. Storm surge will be a real threat from Pensacola Beach through Dauphin Island and along the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast. Surge of 7 to 11 feet is expected from Waveland, Mississippi to the state's border with Alabama, and surge of 6 to 9 feet is expected in Mobile Bay.   In terms of New Orleans, while it is possible power goes out, the city is on the weaker side of the storm so even if they get 3 inches of rain, there shouldn't be widespread flooding. Major surge isn't expected...

These guys chase catastrophes wherever they strike — and find a warm welcome


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Tornados are the worst. Neighborhoods reduced to a lone chimney or toilet. People searching for any shred of proof – a photograph, a vase – that their homes existed.

Ice storms are treacherous. Roof inspections require Everest-type boots – and nerve.

Hail storms leave houses pocked “as if they’ve been attacked with a shotgun,” explained Jordan Wilson, who has examined the aftermath of many. In his Indiana accent, Eric Kline pronounces “hail” as “hell,” and that’s exactly where he’s been, and back.

Then there are hurricanes.

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