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2023 Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP) Commentary

" FEMA is pleased to announce the release of its SFIP Commentary. The SFIP Commentary complements the NFIP Claims Manual (June 2023) by helping claims professionals quickly find current NFIP guidance relevant to key provisions and concepts contained within the Standard Flood Insurance...

CSU Forecast for 2023 Hurricane Activity

CSU released its final forecast for the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season on Thursday, 3 August. We maintain our forecast for an above-average 2023 Atlantic hurricane season. Source of the above is the CSU Seasonal Hurricane Forecasting page (Photo from the Photo...

Forum Discussion: Preparing For Level 2 Certification

Hello, I’m currently using the workbook to get through to complete my Level 2 Certification. I’m a bit stuck on Chapter 4, Interior Practice Estimate C - M-Thomas It has a staircase with a landing with a second section making a U-Shaped staircase over a pantry. With the upstairs...

2023 NFIP Claims Adjuster Presentations

FEMA continues to monitor the COVID guidance provided by the CDC. The CDC is encouraging organizations to promote social distancing and to hold meetings via videoconferencing. In light of this situation, all 2023 NFIP Adjuster Claims Presentations will be held via webinar. Renewing or...

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