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USAA scrambles to process 16,500 claims from hail storm

Quote from Article "USAA received about 11,000 auto claims and 5,500 property claims as of about 11 a.m., but the company expects those numbers will climb. “This is one of the most impactful events we’ve seen in the San Antonio area in recent history, as far as hail goes,”...

TDI Bulletin B-0032-15

NONRESIDENT PUBLIC INSURANCE ADJUSTER AFFIDAVIT The Texas Department of Insurance reminds all nonresident public insurance adjuster license holders that Insurance Code §4102.114 requires them to annually submit an affidavit on a form prescribed by TDI certifying that the licensee is...

San Antonio Slammed By Hail Larger Than Baseballs

"For the second time in as many days, Texans were running for cover as large hail fell on the Lone Star State Tuesday night. This time, it was the San Antonio area in line for the damaging storm. Storm reports from the National Weather Service revealed hail as large as 3.5 inches in diameter...

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