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''Lowest Price Guaranteed!!'' Texas All-Lines Adjuster License Online or 3 Day Classroom

1st Choice Certification

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TEXAS ALL-LINES LICENSING CALL NOW 866-626-0095 Visit us now at Jump start your career with a valuable gift from us.When you order today you will receive The 'Adjuster Jump Start Package' which includes 3 amazing books FREE Live in a state that does not require a license? Designate Texas as your Home State License! Call for more details  

Xactimate Live Training. Live Virtual class training; Discounted classes in May only!

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DUE TO THE CORONOVIRUS PANDEMIC, ALL CLASSES ARE BEING REPLACED WITH VIRTUAL LIVE CLASSESDiscounted classes in May only! During the month of may, Crest LLC will discount the registration fee of their (2) level 1 & 2 Live Virtual classes to an unbelievably affordable price of $575.00. Workbook included. Take advantage & register now as classes will be limited to 6 students per class to provide personalized attention like no other class. If you are sitting at home with time on your...

*FREE TRAINING* - Become a Flood Adjuster

Five Day NFIP Flood Bootcamp

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People often ask me how to become a flood adjuster. FEMA has specific requirements in place. They have stated in the Flood Claims Manual that adjusting flood losses requires “Specialized Knowledge”. What does that mean? In short, FEMA wants to know if you have the experience to estimate labor and material costs caused by or from a general condition of flooding. Adjusting flood losses can be very lucrative and the demand for flood adjusters is on the rise. In the...

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Choose Your Rope & Harness Training Provider Wisely

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Ask the CEO of any Major Insurance Carrier or IA provider company and you will learn that crippling injuries and fatality falls from modern roof structures are a common and credible threat to Property Claims Adjusters. In proof of this fact many Insurance Carriers have outsourced their high risk roof claims to Ladder Assist type organizations and at least a dozen or more “Rope and Harness” training vendors have sprung up to capitalize on the situation over the last five years.

WARNING:  Most “Rope and Harness” training programs are based on a “Sport Climbing” model and have NO connection with modern Fall Protection as it is spelled out in OSHA regulations 1926.5 OR ANSI Standards Z-359 and NO affiliation with today’s worldwide Professional Rope Access Community.

PLEASE: Take time to educate yourself on the facts before selecting a “Rope and Harness” training program.

Oklahoma Earthquake CE Requirement

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The text below comes from the attached DOI Bulletin

To: Oklahoma Continuing Education Providers

From: OID Education Division
Date: August 5, 2014

Due to the swarms of earthquake activity occurring in the state, the Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) is pursuing an emergency Oklahoma Administrative Code rule change to require at least one hour of continuing education on this topic each renewal cycle. The OID will begin enforcing the new rule on January 1, 2015. All resident agents, CSRs and adjusters with a property line of authority will be required to complete one hour of continuing education under the Earthquake course category per renewal cycle. This new requirement will be included in the 24 hours (CSRs 13 hours) as general credits.

SBS is currently working to add a course group titled Earthquake to the course application, which should be available by mid- to- late August 2014. The new course group will be universal and will apply to producer, CSR, and adjuster license types. If you would like to submit a course for review before this new course category is 
available, please submit the course via your SBS Online CE Account under a general course category and e-mail so the course can be pulled for review. Our goal is to build our course library with numerous earthquake courses in order for our licensee’s to be able to complete this requirement for license renewal. 

Please note: The OID has the ability to ensure this requirement is being fulfilled by checking CE transcripts prior to license renewal. 

Should you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact the Education 
Division at

Link to actual bulletin


Insurance Adjuster Certification and Training Programs

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While some insurance adjusters learn on the job, others receive training through short college programs. Read on to learn about courses offered, licensing requirements and career information for insurance adjusters. Learn more @

Looking into Catastrophe work

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I currently own an adjusting business in Northern Minnesota. I am a small ma and pa show and am getting pushed out by bigger, less expensive companies. I have wanted to get into Cat work but did not plan on it this early. I am licensed in MN and OK multi lines. Do I need to get other licenses from other states? I see TX has classes to go to, do I need too? Also I will be looking into State Farm Cert. also. I have 9 years of property and auto adjusting experience, do I have a prayer getting into a few vendors or on some rosters? I appreciate your time and have enjoyed getting some information from this forum. Thanks Brian

ICAP for Veterans

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Are there any adjusters who have completed ICAP and will it help getting deployed?

ex-Combat Engineer TX

USAA Certificartion in FL?

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Anyone know of a certification class for USAA in FL for 2014?  I need to make sure I get a certification form.

Safest "REAL" Rope & Harness Training SE Coast recommendations please

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Can anyone provide me a list of REAL Rope & Harness Training places where I can get certified, most likely FL, GA or South East?
All the courses seem to be in TX or further. I've searched REI, SPRAT, AITECH in GA, other IA companies that offer "rope training," but which certification is the one OSCHA or rope professionals would agree will help me save my life on steep roofs?

The followed a link I read here on Cado: which caused me to rethink where I was going to be trained. I believe I was about to pay upwards of $1000 for the whole trip (hotels, gas, course, etc), for which this post commented on, teaches improper techniques. I've worked with some adjusters who use the improper Gri-Gri techniques, hands-free standing, and knot tying that this post mentioned as "improper." 

I'm a bit confused but wish to get trained on steep roofs before I become "that guy" who wishes he had taken the safety courses because he fell. I've been climbing roofs for years without incident but something inside me is saying to get more information and proper training. 

TWIA and TFPA Certification Online

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2021 Training has been providing online certification for TWIA starting in 2013.  Now for 2014 the certification includes both TWIA and TFPA Certification as once class for residential adjusters.

There will be an additional course required to adjust commercial claims for TWIA as TFPA is residential only policies, but the residential certification is a prerequisite to the commercial TWIA certification that will be out in the next couple of weeks.

Click link below for more information.

TWIA/TFPA Certification


For those who don't know:   TWIA is the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association who writes wind and hail policies along the coastal states of Texas.  TFPA is the Texas Fair Plan Association that is an insurer of last resort for the state of Texas and writes residential policies only.

Tallahassee Adjustor will pay for training

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I am looking for a Tallahassee or close, seasoned adjustor, to ride with an learning xactimate from.  I will pay you I am not looking for something free.
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