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CEA Condominium Policy

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Information on the CEA Condominium Policy

On this page you can download a sample of the policy,

NFIP Coverage Comparison as of December 31, 2000

Comparison of the NFIP Dwelling Form, General Property Form and the RCBAP form


This chart shows provides a coverage comparison of the following NFIP policies. 

The Three Policy Forms 
There are three policy forms – Dwelling Form, the General Property Form, and the 
Residential Condominium Building Association Policy. Each is used to insure a different type 
of property. All, however, contain certain terms and condition (e.g., Mortgage Clause, 
Reformation of Coverage) that are unique to flood insurance.

source: NFIP

CEA Renters Policy

California Earthquake Authority Renters Policy

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Subject: CEA Renters Policy
Description: California Earthquake Authority Renters Policy
Current Edition: BEQ-4B (01-2016 edition)

This policy is issued by the California Earthquake Authority (CEA), a public instrumentality of the State of
California established and authorized by law to transact insurance in California as necessary to sell policies of basic residential earthquake insurance.

CEA Homeowners Policy

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Info from the CEA website

With a CEA homeowners earthquake insurance policy, you can choose the coverages and deductibles you need. We offer two policies for homeowners:


  1. Homeowne‚Äčrs Choice offers coverage for your house, building code upgrades and emergency repairs. We also offer optional personal property coverage for your belongings, and loss of use, which can pay for additional living expenses if you have to live elsewhere due to earthquake damage. Homeowners Choice is flexible—you choose the coverages and options you need.
  2. Standard Homeowners bundles all of the coverages we offer into one package: home, personal property, building code upgrades, the additional costs to live elsewhere due to earthquake damage (Loss of Use), and emergency repairs.


Policy: General Property Form

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Subject: Policy: General Property Form

NFIP General Property Form

Quote from FEMA; 



The General Property Policy Form may be issued to owners or lessees of non-residential buildings or units, or residential condominium buildings that are uninsurable under the RCBAP.

In communities participating in the NFIP Regular Program* or Emergency Program** the General Property Policy provides building and/or contents coverage for these and similar “other residential” risks:

  • Hotel or motel with normal guest occupancy of 6 months or more;
  • Apartment building;
  • Residential cooperative building;
  • Dormitory;
  • Assisted-living facility.

And non-residential risks:

  • Shop, restaurant, or other business;
  • Mercantile building;
  • Grain bin, silo, or other farm building;
  • Agricultural or industrial processing facility;
  • Factory;
  • Warehouse;
  • Poolhouse, clubhouse, or other recreational building;
  • House of worship;
  • School;
  • Hotel or motel with normal guest occupancy of less than 6 months;
  • Licensed bed-and-breakfast inn;
  • Retail;
  • Nursing home;
  • Non-residential condominium;
  • Condominium building with less than 75% of its total floor area in residential use;
  • Detached garage;
  • Tool shed;
  • Stock, inventory, or other commercial contents.

Policy: NFIP Dwelling Form

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Subject: Policy: NFIP Dwelling Form

Quote from FEMA;

The Dwelling Policy Form may be issued to homeowners, residential renters and condominium unit-owners, owners of residential buildings containing two to four units.

In communities participating in the NFIP Regular Program* or Emergency Program** the dwelling policy provides building and/or contents coverage for:

  • Detached, single-family, non-condominium residence with incidental occupancy limited to less than 50% of the total floor area;
  • Two- to four- family, non-condominium building with incidental occupancy limited to less than 25% of the total floor area;
  • Dwelling unit in residential condominium building;
  • Residential townhouse/rowhouse
  • Manufactured mobile homes

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