Masters of Disaster

Have Ladder Will TravelThe National Adjuster Roster is for all Insurance Adjusters both catastrophe and non catastrophe that wish to promote their experience and inform potential employers about their skills, qualifications and availability and handle insurance claims on behalf of insurance companies..   

 To add your name to the Roster login and click on the "Add New Listing" button on the Roster page. Note: If you have already added your name to the Roster then using the Listing Manager or the pencil icon next to the name to edit or update the listing. Please only one Listing per user. On the "Add New Listing" form we a provide a field titled "Bio - Mini Resume" use this area to provide your Bio or Resume. To provide more information you may wish to also consider uploading your resume. You can also add your photo to your Roster listing.

The Roster is also a resume hosting service and is provided as a free and easy way to get your resume online and make it available to potential employers.  Resumes uploaded via the Roster can be searched using the search box found on this page and other pages through-out the site. Please note: if you have a Roster listing or profile connected to your username it will be listed in the Listing Manager which you will see after you login.


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Alabama (128) Alaska (2) Arizona (70) Arkansas (48)
Australia (1) California (57) Canada (8) Colorado (150)
Connecticut (12) Delaware (2) Florida (792) Georgia (207)
Hawaii (2) Idaho (18) Illinois (78) Indiana (61)
Iowa (15) Kansas (37) Kentucky (48) Louisiana (172)
Maine (9) Maryland (16) Massachusetts (9) Michigan (47)
Minnesota (56) Mississippi (41) Missouri (97) Montana (8)
Nebraska (22) Nevada (17) New Hampshire (2) New Jersey (23)
New Mexico (16) New York (47) North Carolina (107) North Dakota (2)
Ohio (79) Oklahoma (65) Oregon (17) Pennsylvania (33)
Puerto Rico (1) Rhode Island (2) South Carolina (78) South Dakota (12)
Tennessee (101) Texas (1236) Utah (13) Vermont (2)
Virginia (50) Washington (33) West Virginia (5) Wisconsin (24)
Wyoming (3)
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Removing your name from the Roster

Please contact us if you no longer want your name on the Roster and we will remove it for you.   Removing your CADO user account does not remove your Roster listing.  Contact Us Page