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  • On The Road

    ——Know Before You Go!

    The "On The Road" page allows Cat Adjusters to list their current assignments.

  • Damage from Hurricane Charley

    ——One of the "4 in 04"

    Charley was 1 of 4 hurricanes to make US Landfall during the the 2004 hurricane season, the other three included Frances, Ivan and Jeanne

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    On CADO you will find information on employers and see who is looking for adjusters

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    Join in a discussion or start your own hurricane related discussion.

  • Hurricane Katrina Damage

    ——1.7 million Claims (source: III)

    Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest and most destructive Atlantic tropical cyclone of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season.

We are insurance adjusters that travel the world handling claims from natural and man-made catastrophes.

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On The Road Photos

taken by C. Sheffield
The way we spent our summer working in Indio, CA.
Test photo will be removed
Crawford's The Dodgy Boys Larry Smith, Scott Hathaway, Russ Doe, Richard Romero, Rod Jerkis, Harold
I found this on Long Island and could not believe what I was looking at.

Apparently this adjuster drove to Long Island NY from Texas like this.

I guess is is a matter of:  If the ladder fits, tie it on

Currently Working

Steven R. Tetrault
Status: Deployed
Location: US/Canada
Status Date: 9/4/2014

Vernon L. Norwood
Status: Deployed
Location: Atlanta
Inside phone queue and estimate reconciliation.
Status Date: 8/22/2014

Richard FRANCO
Status: Deployed
Location: Contiguous United States
Currently handling water, fire, hail, wind claims in the mid west always available for a few more claims.
Status Date: 8/1/2014

Abel Alvarado
Status: Deployed
Working Wind claims.
Location: Cat Inside Unit Florida
Wind, Hail, Water..
Status Date: 7/17/2014

David Anderson
Status: Deployed
Working Hail claims.
Location: Texas
Status Date: 6/20/2014

Earnest Goodwin
Status: Deployed
Status Date: 5/16/2014

Bill Maynard
Status: Deployed
Working Daily Claims claims.
Currently handling daily claims in WY, NE, MO, & S.D. Available for daily claims or Cat claims.
Status Date: 4/7/2014

Raymond Walker
Status: Deployed
Location: Tampa, FL
Currently deployed to Citizens Insurance in Tampa, FL as a Mediation Specialist in the Sinkhole Litigation Department.

Wife is also licensed in TX and FL so we can deploy as a team.
Status Date: 11/18/2013

Gary Creswell
Status: Deployed
Last 3 years working with Eagle Adjusting Services. Full time work.
Status Date: 11/2/2013

David Wolfe
Status: Deployed
Working Fire claims.
Location: Dallas, TX
Status Date: 10/8/2013

Update your Roster Status to add or remove your name from the list.

Assignment Survey

Take part in our assignment survey. The vendor name is not required. Days = number of days on assignment. "Login not required." Click here to add assignment information.
LocationClaimsMonthYearDaysNumber of ClaimsAvg InvoiceVendor
WHITE PLAINS , NYFloodApril200782140450.00 USDPILOT
Coffeyville, KSFloodJuly20071540230.00 USDNCA Group
Twin CitiesHailMay200767281875.00 USDNCA Group
Dallas / Ft. Worth TXHailApril2007147630725.00 USDICA, Inc
ft. worth HailJune20072 months and counting200600.00 USDica
Denver, COHailMay20075th storm this year with three different vendors350520.00 USDEberls-State Farm, Renfroe-State Farm, Worley - State Farm
Chicago, ILWIndAugust200710126550.00 USDMason Claims / RAC Inc
Blaine, MNHailAugust20071750500.00 USDPacesetter Claims
Lexington, KyHailJune2007130589275.00 USD 
CO HailOctober200730125175.00 USDAmFam
CLARKSVILLE, TNHailApril20077 months615450.00 USDUSSA
White Plains, NYFloodApril200750501,200.00 USD 
Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Iowa, MinnHailApril2007132822725.00 USDRAC, Wardlaw, NCA, Pacesetter, Mason, C&C, Equity
LouisianaHurricaneSetpember20071050650.00 USDlittleton
LouisianaHurricaneSetpember2007102010,000.00 USDCitizens
Houston/GalvestonHurricaneSetpember200732 and counting96565.00 USDPilot
HOUSTON TXHurricaneSetpember200570200525.00 USDLITTLETON
Texrkana, TxHailMarch20064675740.00 USDPilot
GalvestonHurricaneJanuary200531 +20560.00 USDEvans Claim Service
HoustonHailJanuary200750251,100.00 USDpilot
HoustonHurricaneSetpember2007120 & counting120560.00 USDHammerman & Gainer, Inc. TWIA wind claims
HoustonHurricaneSetpember200760385350.00 USDClaims Consultants, LLC
oOwensboro, KyWIndSetpember20072 months and counting200400.00 USDSchafer Wood & Assoc
dayton ohWIndFebuary2009134421415.00 USD 
AustinHailMarch200932104201.00 USDAmcat
Dayton OhWIndFebuary2009131356420.00 USD 
Kansas City/Northwest MissouriHailJune200930120295.00 USDFour Seasons/Shelter
KentuckyOtherFebuary200990200500.00 USDSchafer Wood
OhioWIndSetpember20084411,200405.00 USDEberl's - USAA
Atlanta, GAHailApril2009279415425.00 USD 
MontanaHailJuly201035150400.00 USDCrawford & Company
GeorgiaHailJanuary2009365774500.00 USDCrawford & Co
CAWIndDecember20104568500.00 USD 
Austin, TXHailApril200835200400.00 USD 
New JerseyHurricaneSetpember20111452500.00 USDWardlaw
New YorkHurricaneAugust201130175350.00 USDSorley
MarylandHurricaneSetpember20111515300.00 USDErie
Baltimore, DC, PhillyHurricaneAugust20112340400.00 USDSmall firm
conneticutHurricaneSetpember20111921400.00 USDallcat
connecticutHurricaneSetpember20112351326.00 USDAllcat
New YorkHurricaneJanuary20112182312.00 USDWorley
PennsylvaniaHurricaneSetpember20112358500.00 USDWell known
PennsylvaniaHurricaneSetpember20112881350.00 USDGlobal
New JerseyWIndSetpember20112052250.00 USD 
Virginia/North CarolinaHurricaneSetpember20113582350.00 USDRJMW
New Jersey and New yorkHurricaneSetpember201121 days 17550.00 USDwardlaw
New YorkHurricaneSetpember20113543350.00 USDCrawford
Connecticut | MassachusettsHurricaneSetpember201130+35250.00 USD 
VIRGINIAHurricaneSetpember201132175685.00 USD 
New JerseyHurricaneSetpember20112795350.00 USDWardlaw
New Jersey HurricaneSetpember20111924712.00 USDPilot
New Jersey HurricaneSetpember20111924712.00 USDPilot
New Bern, North CarolinaHurricaneSetpember20114596390.00 USD 
New JeseryHurricaneSetpember20112173395.00 USD 
new jerseyOtherSetpember20113050300.00 USD 
Mobile ALOtherAugust201160275125.00 USDPilot
New Bern, NCWIndSetpember20114585390.00 USDCrawford & Company
Marylandand DCHurricaneSetpember20103082650.00 USDIntegrity Adjusters
New JerseyHurricaneSetpember20111440225.00 USDTSI Adjusters
Greenville NCHurricaneSetpember20114078500.00 USD 
New JerseyOtherSetpember20114435300.00 USDWorley
NC/VAHurricaneSetpember201145109150.00 USD 
North CarolinaWIndAugust201160195350.00 USD 
New YorkFloodAugust20114528450.00 USDAllState
OUTER BANKSHurricaneAugust20114565750.00 USD 
New JerseyFloodAugust20113862450.00 USD 
VirginiaHurricaneSetpember20114580200.00 USD 
VirginiaHurricaneSetpember201165210485.00 USDEAR
Pennsylvania FloodSetpember201153327455.00 USDICA
Connecticut OtherNovember20111652300.00 USDN&C/Hanover
PhiladelphiaHurricaneSetpember20111341335.00 USDWorley
TennesseeHailApril2011190250575.00 USD 
N.C. GeorgiaWIndApril201160205500.00 USDPilot
Conn. New Jersey, UtahWIndSetpember201160200500.00 USDMasons, Pilot
NY, NJ, MAFloodSetpember20112040180,000.00 USD 
NY, NJ, MAOtherJanuary201160120985.00 USD 
New YorkHurricaneSetpember201140150220.00 USD 
ChicagoWIndAugust20113024250.00 USDPacesetter/AmFam
Birmingham, ALOtherMarch2011395600420.00 USDE A Renfroe
MarylandHurricaneSetpember20111522375.00 USDPASCO
PAHurricaneSetpember20111426275.00 USDPASCO
PhiladelphiaWIndSetpember2011125350165.00 USDPilot
New JerseyHurricaneOctober201214 to date175500.00 USDPilot
MarylandHurricaneJanuary201221104427.00 USDUSAA
Long Island , NYWIndOctober201210 to date39675.00 USD 
New JerseyHurricaneNovember20123070600.00 USD 
Long Island, New YorkFloodNovember201241391,300.00 USD 
conneticutHurricaneNovember20121015250.00 USDAmcat
pennsylvaniaHurricaneNovember20122063250.00 USDAllcat
New JerseyHurricaneNovember20124565490.00 USDCrawford & Co.
MAHurricaneJanuary20132025250.00 USD 
Long Island/New YorkHurricaneJanuary201365682,500.00 USDLegend Adjusters
Toms River,NJHurricaneDecember20122182225.00 USDICA
New YorkHurricaneNovember20123020874.00 USDWorley
TulsaWIndJuly201390279310.00 USDPilot

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