We are insurance adjusters that travel the world handling claims from natural and man-made catastrophes.

Banner Ads

These banners appear at the top of most of the pages on both the and websites. Click here to see some actual banner Stats>

  • We provide space for any size banners up to 728 px wide and  up to 117 px high.  But the most common size is 468 px X 60 px. You provide the banner.
  • Animated Accepted
  • Flash Accepted - No Sound
  • Price $75.00 per month per single banner slot.  
  • Each  slot contains one banner, the more slots you purchase for the banner the more impression the banner will receive.   Each slot is equally displayed. In other words each slot receives the same number of impressions. For example once Slot 1 is displayed it moves down to the bottom of the rotation until each slot above is displayed.
468 X 60 Banner
728 X 90 Banner

In order to display your Banner Ad on the CADO pages you must provide a banner and purchase a banner slot. 

  • File types, gif, .jpg , .png or .swf
  • The banners are rotated with all other banners that are in that area.
  • Be sure to provide us with the address (url) of the page you want visitors to visit when they click the banner.
  • The first day the banner is in Rotation is free.
  • The 30 day period begins with the first full day.
  • We limit the banners when needed to make sure each banner is displayed at least 5,000 times during the 30 day period.
  • If you have an account you will be able to see the number of impression your banner receives
  • With the online payment methods to the right you will receive a receipt by email.
  • You may cancel your banner at any time and receive a refund for the unused period by emailing us a request.
Little more info on payments

We have two payment providers, and PayPal.  Select the one that works for you.  You can use your credit card with both providers. To use a credit card with Paypal just look for the continue option on the payment page using this method a PayPal account is not required. takes all credit cards.  CADO does not receive any of your credit card information.  If you have any questions about making a payment just contact us using the Contact Form


Recap - Steps to get your banner on the CADO Sites.
  1. Purchase a banner ad slot(s) by using one the options to the right. Note: If we elect not to display your banner you will receive a full refund, banners from sites that offer similar features that we offer on CADO will not be accepted.

  2. Provide your banner. You can email the banner to us as an attachment. The email address is

  3. If you have a user account please provide the user name or email address of that account so that we can give you access to your banner stats.

  4. Be sure to provide the web address of the page you want us to point the banner to.

  5. Most banners are added to the Rotation within 48 hours, it could take longer during a hurricane or other major event.

Renewing your banner 

Before your banner expires you will receive an email notice and you will also receive an email notice when it expires.  If before it expires you decide to continue the banner you just need to purchase additional time and we will extend the current banner. No need to send us a new banner unless you wish to change banners.  If at a later date you decide to run an expired banner again just purchase additional time and we will use the banner you have on file.

Note: If we elect not to display your banner you will receive a full refund, banners from sites that offer similar features that we offer on CADO will not be accepted.


Some of the available Campaigns

"Most Popular"

1 Banner Slot$75

Buy Now
  • Any Size up to 550 px wide & 117 px high
  • 30 Days
  • Animated Accepted
  • Flash Accepted - No Sound

1 Slot 3 Months$205

Buy Now
  • Save $20 off single slot purchase
  • 3 Months
  • Animated Accepted
  • Flash Accepted - No Sound

1 Slot - 1 Year$720

Buy Now
  • Save $180 off single slot purchase
  • 1 Year
  • Animated Accepted
  • Flash Accepted - No Sound
More Purchase Options
Choose either Paypal or to purchase your banner slots. You can choose the number of months after you click the "Pay Now" button.

The Classifieds @

We also have a Classifieds. This is a good way to promote your Company, Product or Service.  You may also post insurance industry  related jobs, events  and training.

The Classifieds is a separate area of the portal.  In order to place an ad in the Classifieds you will need a separate account for that area.  Click here to create an account for the Classifieds.

Once you have an account you will need to login to post the ads purchase credits. You are given the option to purchase credits after you click the "Post Ad" button or link.   $1.00 equals 1 credits.   We use PayPal but a PayPal account is not required and you can use your credit card. 

In most cases a standard 30 day ad takes 25 credits or $25.00.

Click here for additional details on posting an Ad.

Click here for the Classifieds FAQ.

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