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Barry Kingcreated the topic: Is the LM fee schedule the new norm>

Why are IA's working for the fee schedule LM provides?

3 weeks ago

perkin silasreplied to: RE: Coverage

Based upon the situation and worth of the products are the main factors should we consider at the time of coverage. [url=

4 weeks ago

DougSpurlingcreated the topic: Adjuster's Life--don't do it for the money

Why we do what we do

1 month ago

Dale Strain replied to: RE: Xactimate 28 questions

Chase, Regarding the FCN # - you need to go to into the estimate and then to Insured Info>Personnel>Claim Rep>Edit Claim Rep and enter your FCN numb...

2 months ago

James O'Brienreplied to: RE: Introducing EquiX

Just to update. We are adding home & office furniture and home electronics/cameras/computers categories for those that do residential claims and would...

2 months ago

JW Caldwellreplied to: RE: Staff Adjuster Looking to go Independent

You might want to consider what kind of adjuster you plan to be: daily or catastrophe? Thank you for your quick and informative response. That is...

2 months ago

Chase Wagnercreated the topic: Xactimate 28 questions

Hello everyone. 
I am new to Xactimate software coming from Simsol. I am trying to figure out how to attach my FCN number to the final report on...

2 months ago

AcceleratedAdjusterreplied to: RE: Staff Adjuster Looking to go Independent

Yes, you can make more than that, and yes, you will put in a lot of 80+ hour weeks to do so. The upside is that your time as an IA is rewarded with bi...

2 months ago

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Central NY mentor
by brennonb2
07/26/2014 4:23 PM
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RE: National Independent ...
by host
07/30/2014 8:41 PM
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RE: Lookinf for an "Old" ...
by JimWil
06/17/2015 10:59 AM
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RE: Introducing EquiX
by EquiX
04/12/2015 7:05 AM
Mapping and GPS Software Mapping and GPS Software
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Discussions related to IntegriClaim
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RE: Symbility
by CatAdjusterX
01/08/2014 12:14 AM
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CADO is a community devoted to Adjusters and claim handling, however, as with any community there is more to life than work. This forum is here to serve the community and is for discussion of topics that may not be related to work.
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A very Tall Flagpole with...
by host
07/27/2014 6:50 PM
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In memory of our fallen comrades.
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David DeVille, EGA
by host
03/27/2015 9:03 PM
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RE: Company Info
by Andrew Kasnik
04/12/2015 6:41 AM
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