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Last Post 07/23/2020 7:34 PM by  host
Hurricane Douglas may impact the Hawaiian Islands
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host Founder

07/23/2020 7:34 PM

    Based on the latest reports and the current track it looks like Hurricane Douglas may impact the Hawaiian Islands.  Have you had an assignment on the Islands?   I have and there are some things to take into consideration related to expenses, for example your ladder, vehicle and lodging. You cannot carry your ladder or drive your vehicle to the assignment and a lot of lodging was expensive.   And I’m sure that the current pandemic will have some impact as well.  On one assignment I had to fly from one island to another which increased the expenses, because you had to add the plane fare, additional car rental and lodging.  Some of the adjusters that I was with had trouble with the expenses because they did not receive the number of claims needed to take care of the expense, but the company they were working for later agree to help with the expenses.

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