Software Survey

1. Your favorite estimating software is?

IntegriClaimâ„¢  (34) 9%
PowerClaim XML  (25) 7%
SIMSOL Software, Inc.  (73) 20%
Xactware, Inc.  (204) 57%
None of the above. (22) 6%

Software Topics

hip roof

So I am a new user to Xactimate and I have this hip roof which has a 9ft extension out the front of the house that's serving as a dormer. How do I draw this in Xactimate?

Posted: 11/21/2018 4:29 PM Replies: 1

CoreLogic PropertyImagery - Feedback

I've been asked to use PropertyImagery product. Not sure how much it costs and any here has used it before. Any help is greatly appreciated.   Thanks

Posted: 11/06/2017 9:38 PM Replies: 0

Xactimate 28 Lag and Delays

I have been using v28 for several years now and from the day of install the program has had delays and lag in every aspect of preparing an estimate. The lag/delays become longer and more frequent the longer the program is running where unless I close/reopen xact it will eventually crash. I have spen

Posted: 10/28/2017 8:09 AM Replies: 3

Problems saving photos using Xactimate Online

I use the desktop version of Xactimate.  My assistant uses Xactimate online to label photos for me.  She has to save her work after only 5-10 photos because the page locks up if she tries to change more than that.  Sometimes she loses all of her changes.  The Xact Help desk has n

Posted: 09/25/2017 5:23 PM Replies: 0

Xactimate Estimate Formulas

I have an example estimate created by Xactimate and I'm trying to understand how construction material costs and labor costs are reflected in that estimate. The columns I'm trying to understand are QUANTITY, UNIT, TAX, O&P, RCV. Correct me if I get any of the following wrong. QUANTITY is the si

Posted: 03/20/2017 9:34 AM Replies: 1

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