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For IA's - Add yourself to multiple rosters with 1 click.

For Firms - Add qualified IA's to your roster with 1 click

AdjustorPortal's roster compliance and deployment management software is unmatched, even by the largest firms, yet affordable for even the smallest firms. 

Don't think claims management (which we're not), think 'roster management'. Most firms use a combination of spreadsheets, HR software and form builders to manage their rosters or have an in-house system that still can't compete with AdjusterPortal's FULLY integrated solution. AdjusterPortal automates 80% of your headaches, will save you thousands of man-hours, make carriers happier and make you more money. 
From IA onboarding, automated NIPR license checks, to automated standby or deployments using texting - there is litrally nothing AdjusterPortal can't do. We've even integrated a searchable nationwide database of 1000's of ready to deploy qualified IA's AND our pricing model scales, making it affordable for any size firm. 

IA's and Firms...Check out this interview on AdjusterTV

To Learn More > Right Now, Go to > Watch our 2 minute video > Request a demo

SloganDeploying Experienced, Compliant IA's (or Teams) in Minutes is EASY with a fully Integrated Roster Management System
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