Oklahoma Insurance Claims from El Reno, Moore Tornadoes Top 60,000
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Oklahoma Insurance Claims from El Reno, Moore Tornadoes Top 60,000

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Insurance claims filed in response to several May tornadoes jumped to 60,308 Tuesday, with insurance payments reaching $470,323,299.


“These numbers are already staggering, and this is just the beginning,” said Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak. “Many of the victims haven’t received their entire settlement checks yet, so that payment number will continue to go up for a while. This is something the state of Oklahoma is going to be dealing with for a long time. Those affected by the storms need to know that we’re here to help, for as long as it takes.”


May 19th & 20th Tornadoes

Type of Claim                         Claims Received         Payments Made

Homeowners                                 16,002                  $326,073,951

Private Auto                                  19,841                    $51,690,669

Commercial Property                         886                     $12,872,669

Commercial Auto                               422                       $1,119,906

Other                                                  415                       $2,510,873


May 30th & 31th Tornadoes

Type of Claim                         Claims Received         Payments Made

Homeowners                                  13,070                  $59,370,622

Private Auto                                     8,215                    $8,227,608

Commercial Property                          963                     $6,436,460

Commercial Auto                                207                        $989,990

Other                                                   287                     $1,030,551


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