Discounted Aerial Measurements

Laser Measuring Devices

Subject: Laser Measuring Devices Description:   Current opinions? I've looked thru the old posts, seeing many recommendations for Disto, and some for the El Cheapo Stanley. There are about 5 models of Disto, any opinions as to which would be the best to cover all...

Roof Climbing Boots

Subject: Roof Climbing Boots Description:   Anyone have any information about roof boots or shoes i have lost the address and do they work? URL: Source: Forum Archive Post by rr - 21 Replies

Cat Adjuster Equipment

Subject: Cat Adjuster Equipment Description:   - ladder extension and/or 2-story ladder - bunji cord for tying ladder off at gutters - Cougar paws - rope and harness - chalk and grease pencil - pitch gauge - shingle guage - 100 ' measuring tape w/ tennis ball attached to...

Good Tape Measure?

Subject: Good Tape Measure? Description:   Can someone please recommend a good tape measure? I am going broke buying a new one every few months. I had one today that the tape broke in half and it was less than two months old. Thanks for any...

Ideal Cat Vehicle

Subject: Ideal Cat Vehicle Description:   I am thinking of purchasing a used vehicle for storm duty, I would like to hear what others have to say and what they would recommend. I am looking at Tahoe's, Yukon's and Explorers 4 wheel drive. I would like to hear from any owners...

Ladders - What Do You Use and Why?

Subject: Ladders - What Do You Use and Why? Description:   I had an interesting discussion with an adjuster the other day on ladders. He said he used a telescoping ladder and loved it. I thought I would ask a few other adjusters and when I did, I received just as many...


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