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Description: NFIP Facts and Statistics provided by  the  Insurance Information Institute
URL: http://www.iii.org/media/facts/statsbyissue/flood/

NFIP Dwelling Form

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Subject: Policy: NFIP Dwelling Form
Description: Quote from FEMA;

The Dwelling Policy Form may be issued to homeowners, residential renters and condominium unit-owners, owners of residential buildings containing two to four units.

In communities participating in the NFIP Regular Program* or Emergency Program** the dwelling policy provides building and/or contents coverage for:

  • Detached, single-family, non-condominium residence with incidental occupancy limited to less than 50% of the total floor area;
  • Two- to four- family, non-condominium building with incidental occupancy limited to less than 25% of the total floor area;
  • Dwelling unit in residential condominium building;
  • Residential townhouse/rowhouse
  • Manufactured mobile homes

NFIP Adjuster Fee Schedule

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The information below comes from the May 2020 NFIP Claims Manual

9.7 NFIP Fee Schedule

Adjusters may bill based on the current NFIP Adjuster Fee Schedule:

• Current Adjuster Fee Schedule effective August 24, 2017
  (CADO note, the May 2020 Manual refers you to "Appendix A" but the link to the fee schedule returns a page not found so we have added the fee schedule as a download below.)

• For ICC claims, use the ICC fee schedule effective September 1, 2004 (See Appendix B of the May 2020 Manual)