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Jobs at Progressive Insurance - Claims

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"Our claims representatives—whether they're in the field, at one of our service centers or on the phone—make good on our promise to get customers back on the road fast.

And whatever the role, each representative has a chance to cultivate a variety of skills."

Opportunities with Eberl

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"Claims Associates who work with us don’t just make a living, they build a career. We’re always seeking qualified Catastrophe Adjusters, Daily Claims Adjusters and Claims Associates. We have opportunities for field and in-office personnel to handle a variety of losses.

Employment opportunities are driven by a number of factors, including weather, client needs and industry trends. New opportunities are added often — be sure to check this page regularly for open positions."

ICA, Inc. Employment Page

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"The unpredictable nature of catastrophe claims adjusting makes staffing a challenging prospect. Labor requirements fluctuate with windstorm, flood and seismic activity, creating the necessity for an “at-will” or “as needed” adjuster work force, rather than one based on a regular, full-time schedule. Extensive travel and lengthy stays away from home are often required.

Even with that caveat, ICA is continuously searching for quality outside property adjusters and commercial adjusters. We pride ourselves on our Quality Service to our customers and their policy holders. Qualifications should include specific insurance claims adjusting experience in your field of preference and adjuster licensing in your state of residence (if required). Individuals who have a background in a closely related field, such as automobile body repair or home construction, may also be considered for claims adjusting positions. Other requirements for claims adjusting positions include outstanding organizational skills and exceptional verbal and written communication skills. Computer literacy and excellent customer service skills are necessary."

Careers at Pitot Catastrophe Services

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"We are constantly looking for top quality personnel to represent Pilot and our clients. As a result, we are always hiring qualified individuals."

"Due to the fact that our business is based on storm related events, all of our positions are temporary as-needed positions. Wages will vary based on the particular storm, your role and the client company you are representing."

Careers with The Littleton Group

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Professionals considered for employment with The Littleton Group are those who are up for a challenge and exhibit exceptional performance.

The professionals we hire help us maintain our commitment to continuous client communications, client flexibility, aggressive and proactive claims handling, and unparalleled customer service.


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Vehicle: What do you use and why?
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 For cat work: What motor vehicle do you think is better?

A full size or small PU or SUV?

Should the PU have a secure topper w/ ladder rack?  

Any other ideas?

Source: 2009 Forum Discussion Started by David
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Truck Office
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 'm converting my truck (no extended cab available) into a mobile office and I need some help:

1. Source for a bracket to mount the laptop;
2. Source for a bracket to mount printers, etc;
3. Source for quick disconnects, etc;
4. Best type and size of inverter;
5. Source for mounting brackets for other equipment, file
boxes, etc;
6. Internet connection equipment, etc;
7. Sage advice on converting the truck into a user friendly
rolling office, that is relatively secure;
8. What would you correct in your rolling office...the most
frustrating feature(s);
9. What is the best feature of your own rolling

Thanks for the help!

Source: Forum Archive Post Started by DWC - 43 Replies
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Ideal Cat Vehicle
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 I am thinking of purchasing a used vehicle for storm duty, I would like to hear what others have to say and what they would recommend. I am looking at Tahoe's, Yukon's and Explorers 4 wheel drive. I would like to hear from any owners about what they think of thier vehicle. For example comfort, gas mileage reliability Ect. 

Source: Forum Archive Post by Harold - 29 Replies
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Best Adjuster's Vehicle
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 I am in the market for a new vehicle.  I am wondering what other adjuster's think about vehicles.

What vehicle will have the most utility for an adjuster?

Currently I have a truck with a ladder and it works great, so I was thinking of going that way again.

Let me know what you think.


Source: Forum Archive - 118 Replies
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