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NFIP Information for Claims Adjusters

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Here is a list of some of the resources for adjusters that can be found on the NFIP site. 

Last Updated: 2/18/2022


  1. Adjuster Authorization
    1. Qualified applicants applying for a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Adjuster Authorization are granted a Flood Control Number (FCN) through the Adjuster Authorization process administered by the NFIP Bureau & Statistical Agent on behalf of FEMA.
  2. Adjuster Certification and Workshops
  3. Adjuster Claims Manual The NFIP provides two types of Manuals, the Claims Manual "This manual improves clarity of flood insurance claims guidance to NFIP Write Your Own (WYO) companies, flood vendors, flood adjusters and examiners, so that policyholders experience consistency and reliability of service." and the Flood Insurance Manual, which is "used primarily by insurers and agents selling and servicing NFIP flood insurance." comments from the source.
  4. Claim Forms
    1. Here are some of the forms available on the FEMA page that the link takes you to;
    2. Adjuster’s Registration Application
    3. Adjuster Preliminary Damage Assessment
    4. Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) Adjuster Report
    5. Manufactured (Mobile) Home/Travel Trailer Worksheet 
    6. Cause of Loss and Subrogation Report
    7. National Flood Insurance Program Narrative Report
    8. Adjuster’s Preliminary Report
    9. Adjuster’s Final Report
    10. Proof of Loss
    11. Worksheet - Building
  5. National Flood Insurance Program Terminology Index
  6. Steps For the Assignment of Coverage D - Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage (ICC)
  7. Summaries of Coverage - Brochures that are available for insureds that purchase Flood insurance
    1. Source Page for the following -
    2. Summary of Coverage fo the Standard Flood Insurance Policy  - This document is a brochure that is provided\available for insureds that pruchase Flood insurance
    3. Summary of Coverage for Commercial Property
    4. Summary of Coverage for Group Flood Insurance Policyholders
    5. Summary of Coverage for Residential Condominium Buildings

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Update in process based on the release of the latest NFIP Claims Manual 


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