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State FarmĀ® to Conduct Drone Damage Assessment Flights Following Hurricane Michael

Source: State Farm 10-16 Press Release

It was less than one month ago when Hurricane Florence struck North and South Carolina. State Farm was the first and only insurance company to receive an FAA waiver allowing Claims pilots to operate drones beyond visual line of sight and over people for damage assessment. Drone flights were coordinated with the FAA and Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP) at Virginia Tech as part of the Integration Pilot Program for large-scale damage assessment in Virginia and South Carolina.

Ideal Cat Vehicle

Subject: Ideal Cat Vehicle

 I am thinking of purchasing a used vehicle for storm duty, I would like to hear what others have to say and what they would recommend. I am looking at Tahoe's, Yukon's and Explorers 4 wheel drive. I would like to hear from any owners about what they think of thier vehicle. For example comfort, gas mileage reliability Ect. 

Source: Forum Archive Post by Harold - 29 Replies

Ladders - What Do You Use and Why?

Subject: Ladders - What Do You Use and Why?

 I had an interesting discussion with an adjuster the other day on ladders. He said he used a telescoping ladder and loved it. I thought I would ask a few other adjusters and when I did, I received just as many different responses. I thought I would throw a little survey on this thread to see what responses I would get from the folks that surf CADO. If you want to participate please answer the following:
1. What type and manufacturer name of ladder to you use?
2. How long have you been using it?
3. What do you like about the ladder?
4. What do you NOT like about the ladder?
5. If you were to purchase another ladder, would you buy the same type and brand name or would you purchase a different one?
Thanks in advance for participating. I am interested to see the results. 

Source: Forum Archive Post by Scott - 6 Replies

Cat Adjuster Equipment

Subject: Cat Adjuster Equipment

 - ladder extension and/or 2-story ladder
- bunji cord for tying ladder off at gutters
- Cougar paws
- rope and harness
- chalk and grease pencil
- pitch gauge
- shingle guage
- 100 ' measuring tape w/ tennis ball attached to end
- 25' FATBOY steel measuring tape
- handheld sonar or laser measuring device for interior rooms
- digital camera / preferably small and lightweight
- clipboard w/ calculator and Acculine drawing grid
- erasable Paper-Mate pens
- micro-cassette recorder and tapes for recorded statements
- photo processing software
- GPS / mapping software
- Microsoft Word and Excel
- carpet knife
- putty knife
- silicone sealant
- magnet
- 2nd printer for vehicle
- 2-way voice activated radios (for team use)
- Power supply should be able to run laptop, printer and multiple battery chargers (two way's, cell phone, rechargeable batteries for camera)
- filing systems (one for car and one for office)
- comfortable complete tool belt (ez off, ez on)
- sunscreen
- bug spray
- mace or pepper spray for dogs (and some roofers)
- first aid kit (for when the pepper spray doesn't work)
And last but not least ... copies of POLICY's!

Source: Forum Archive Post by Todd

Roof Climbing Boots

Subject: Roof Climbing Boots

 Anyone have any information about roof boots or shoes i have lost the address and do they work?

Source: Forum Archive Post by rr - 21 Replies

Vehicle: What do you use and why?

Subject: Vehicle: What do you use and why?

For cat work: What motor vehicle do you think is better?

A full size or small PU or SUV?

Should the PU have a secure topper w/ ladder rack?  

Any other ideas?

Source: 2009 Forum Discussion Started by David

Laser Measuring Devices

Subject: Laser Measuring Devices

 Current opinions?

I've looked thru the old posts, seeing many recommendations for
Disto, and some for the El Cheapo Stanley.

There are about 5 models of Disto, any opinions as to which would be the
best to cover all situations?

The 100' Stanley seems like a great choice for a backup no matter how you
'slice' it.

I'd appreciate any current opinions, both pro & con on the various Disto models.

I'd also love a few how-to questions answered about them:
-Visibility aside, how is a fence measured?  If you have to use a plate, doesn't that take up
about as much time as measuring with a tape?
- There are instances when the ability to deduce a measurement by triangulation would be useful.  But do those times justify the added expense of the pricier models?

Thanks, and best to all,

Source: 2006 Forum Archive Post by Betrock

Good Tape Measure?

Subject: Good Tape Measure?

 Can someone please recommend a good tape measure? I am going broke buying a new one every few months. I had one today that the tape broke in half and it was less than two months old. Thanks for any help.

Source: Forum Archive Post by Lucy - 31 Replies


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