Looking for Daily Adjusters

Jobs at Progressive Insurance - Claims

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"Our claims representatives—whether they're in the field, at one of our service centers or on the phone—make good on our promise to get customers back on the road fast.

And whatever the role, each representative has a chance to cultivate a variety of skills."

Opportunities with Eberl

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"Claims Associates who work with us don’t just make a living, they build a career. We’re always seeking qualified Catastrophe Adjusters, Daily Claims Adjusters and Claims Associates. We have opportunities for field and in-office personnel to handle a variety of losses.

Employment opportunities are driven by a number of factors, including weather, client needs and industry trends. New opportunities are added often — be sure to check this page regularly for open positions."

ICA, Inc. Employment Page

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"The unpredictable nature of catastrophe claims adjusting makes staffing a challenging prospect. Labor requirements fluctuate with windstorm, flood and seismic activity, creating the necessity for an “at-will” or “as needed” adjuster work force, rather than one based on a regular, full-time schedule. Extensive travel and lengthy stays away from home are often required.

Even with that caveat, ICA is continuously searching for quality outside property adjusters and commercial adjusters. We pride ourselves on our Quality Service to our customers and their policy holders. Qualifications should include specific insurance claims adjusting experience in your field of preference and adjuster licensing in your state of residence (if required). Individuals who have a background in a closely related field, such as automobile body repair or home construction, may also be considered for claims adjusting positions. Other requirements for claims adjusting positions include outstanding organizational skills and exceptional verbal and written communication skills. Computer literacy and excellent customer service skills are necessary."

Careers at Pitot Catastrophe Services

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"We are constantly looking for top quality personnel to represent Pilot and our clients. As a result, we are always hiring qualified individuals."

"Due to the fact that our business is based on storm related events, all of our positions are temporary as-needed positions. Wages will vary based on the particular storm, your role and the client company you are representing."

Careers with The Littleton Group

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Professionals considered for employment with The Littleton Group are those who are up for a challenge and exhibit exceptional performance.

The professionals we hire help us maintain our commitment to continuous client communications, client flexibility, aggressive and proactive claims handling, and unparalleled customer service.


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Works for Me
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Thread for ANYTHING in the world of adjusting that works to help get the job done- equipment, software, etc.

In this thread adjusters share their thoughts on equipment that works for them.

Source: 2006 Forum Post by RobertV
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Roof Climbing Boots
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 Anyone have any information about roof boots or shoes i have lost the address and do they work?

Source: Forum Archive Post by rr - 21 Replies
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Cougar Paws
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 Just received my "Cougar Paws". I got the high-top tennis shoe style. Does anyone know if the leather dura-flex style is more "flexible"? These are pretty stiff. I'm used to wearing an Ariat boot that has a pretty flexible sole and this is a big shock with the lack of flexibility---I think it will cut down on everything from balance to maneuverability. If you have a "Favorite Cougar Paw", please advise.

Source: Forum Archive
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Can anyone tell me what equipment a new adjuster would need, to get started in this career field.
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In this forum thread post 4/6/2004 other members provide their recommendation on the equipment requirements.

Source: http://www.catadjuster.org/forum2/default.asp
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Anyone have a Comprehensive List of Tools?
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The list below comes from a forum post, please use the link below the list to see view the discussion for additional information on the "Tools of the Trade" .






Printer, copier, scanner, fax


extra ink cartridges


Surge Protectors (At least two)


Wireless connection  Internet air card


Bag O' Software (for when the computer crashes and you have to reload everything)


Backup drive




GPS software


Inverter and for lap top


100 'extension cord


Lap top stand




Printer, copier, scanner, fax


Digital Camera with memory card


Backup camera with memory card


Camera Battery charger(s)






Legal pads


Graph paper






2 reams of paper


Road Atlas




Hanging files


Manila folders






Post it notes


Dry erase board for easy jotting down of something I really want to remember


Cell phone - Hands free earpiece to go with the phone


Power adapters for laptop and cell phones




Rubber Bands




Portable, flexible file holder








Rain coats with hood






Roof Climbing Shoes (Cougar Paws or felt bottom wading shoes - sporting goods- Walmart)


Winter clothes


Summer clothes


Rubber Gloves


Great pair of sunglasses 








12' ladder


22' ladder


at least two tape measures


100’ tape measure


35’ tape measure (fat boy)


Laser measuring device


Big bucket of sidewalk chalk


Pocket electrical tester


Shingle gauge


Bungee cords for strapping the ladder to the gutter to keep it from falling


Ping pong balls for sliding the tape measure up a roof that's too steep to climb


Dust mask - Filtered face masks to cover nose and mouth 


Cooler with water


Spare batteries-
Streamlight Vulcan or light box flashlights


Good quality flashlight Mag Light - Wind up flashlight


Matches or lighter


hammer and screw gun in case you need to re board up a house


Handy wipes and a towel


Small rake and or shovel with collapsing handle to dig though debris if needed


Hard hat


Letterman Multi purpose tool




Battery charger which recharges both AA and AAA batteries to keep the camera functioning


Tool Belt


Pitch Gauge


Swiss Army knife – Leatherman


Measuring wheel


Kneeling board or pad


Safety Glasses (Clear)


Wet Wipes


Digital recorder






National Construction Estimator (fairly recent edition)


Handy State Farm Contents Depreciation Guide






1st aid Kit










Pepper spray or mace


Burts Bees Lip Balm


Hand Sanitizer


Plastic Bags


Lots of bottled water


Ibuprofen, Aspirin


Pictures of family and friends attached to your sun viso


Really good coffee mug


Any and all music that gets you moving or calms you down  - Books on CD or tape


A couple of small TV’s


$100 worth of postage stamps


Iron and ironing board


Coffee and coffee maker


Your own pillows and sheets


S&W 9 mm


As much cash or Traveler’s checks you can afford


5 or 6 rods and reels and all the tackle boxes


Several cans of Deep Woods Off


Small hydraulic jack and a 4 way (lots of flat tires in debris fields)


A pretty comprehensive tool box




Steel soled boots


All of your licenses and any other important papers


  • Spouse

And...of course, a Roy Cupps CADO truckers style hat and extra CADO polo shirts.

Source: 2008 Forum Discussion -Post by Wkane
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