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TWIA - CAT Plan Activated Due to Beryl

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The info is from the TWIA website a link for additional information is provided below.

"Current forecasts indicate Beryl will make landfall on the Texas coast late this weekend. In addition to putting a policy moratorium in effect, TWIA has activated our Catastrophe Incident Response (CAT) Plan.

Activating the CAT Plan allows TWIA to begin scaling up resources, so we can quickly respond to policyholders with losses from the storm.

Four Ways to Report a Claim
TWIA policyholders can report a claim 24/7:

    Online: Use the Policyholder Portal by logging in.
    Chat: Use the 24-hour chat option on our claims webpage.
    Text: Text “Hello” to (512) 645-2846.
    Call: Call (800) 788-8247, select option 1.

Additional information will be shared early in the week. Stay up to date on our storm response by visiting our website or following us on Facebook. If you live in our coverage area and have a Nextdoor account, you can also connect with us there.

The Policy Services team is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (800) 788-8247 or
« Policy Moratorium in Effect for Hurricane Beryl"

... you can follow this link for additional information:





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