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Quick Tip - Xactimate v25: Adjusting O&P Per Claim

Problem: Overhead & Profit is on the estimate when no O&P is needed or you wish to remove it.


Solution: Remove the O&P. To remove the O&P click on the Claim Info tab and then on the Parameters tab.



O&P 1

Once on the Parameters Page locate the O&P section and change the amounts to $0.00. No O&P will be added to the complete estimate.




Problem: O&P on an item that does not need O&P when O&P applies to the rest of the estimate.

Solution: To remove O&P from an individual item like roofing, click on the Unit Cost and be sure the Non-O&P option is selected.










Problem: O&P is added to the Sales Tax

Solution: If your instructions indicate that no O&P should be added to the tax.  To do this click on the Claim Info tab and then the Parameters as shown below.




Once on the Parameters screen look for the Sales Tax button and click it.



After clicking the Sales Tax button you will see the following.

Click on the Tax Type Drop Down (highlighted in the image above) to change to Neither.

When you proof your estimate you should see the Sales Tax after the O&P. You do proof your estimates, right? Be sure to check the client instructions for any special guidelines related to O&P. The images below apply to the Sales Tax.




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4 comments on article "Quick Tip - Xactimate v25: Adjusting O&P Per Claim"

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Colleen Nance

Thanks Roy

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What has happened since 2006? You haven't entered any tips on Xactimate, nor has anyone else. I am new to the program and am looking for input from seasoned users. Anyone out there?

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Texas Adjuster License Online

Same here: looking for tips on Xactimate.

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Danny Cave

WARNING!!!!!!!!! When you download a price guide from Xactimate they tax setting is set according to that States Tax Laws. Changing the tax setting can get you into trouble if a savvy GC or public adjuster finds out your doing it. Read more about this in Xactimate Help.

You may post any Xactimate questions to me at I am currently teaching Xactimate 27.

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