Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Do you Have a Industry Related Event or Conference?

Spread the word about your Events and\or Company News.

Author: Roy

Do you have an industry related Event that may be of interest to our community?  If so you may wish and are invited to post it on the Community Calendar.  Just login and visit the Calendar page and click "Add Article".  This is a free service offered to the insurance adjusting community.  

We would also like to reintroduce vendors to our "In Your Business" page.  This page allows you to inform the community of news related to your company. So you have any news please feel free to post it.

Please no ads, just Events and\or Company News.  Please contact us if you have any questions or need help posting your Event or News.

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Sandy was my first flood event, and what an event it has been! I have an insured whose behavior has been questionable, to put it mildly.  Sandy was his fourth loss that I am aware of.  

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 In reading a recent article about roof prices and what the insurance company was paying, I notice the following comments to the article from visitors to their site.     "Propert

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After days of watching still do not know what this is or if it will Hermine or Ian (see 08l).  finaly a TD and likely to be named soon, but so is the storm of the coast of NC. All we know is it

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Hi Everybody! This is my first time here. I'm not one of you so please forgive me if I'm violating some protocol. I am a retired plumbing contractor helping a friend go through his claim from State Fa

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I posted a thread about the adjuster school because I was considering taking courses to gain experience in xactimate. The adjuster school also offers job placement, which is my main reason for taking

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This was sent into me by one of our users, Mike Carli, RPA, of All Seasons Adjusting.  It is a little lengthy but worth the read if you are going to be in this business for another 5-10 years. B

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UUUUGGGGGG Frustrating

The worst thing about a season like this is there's absolutely nobody to blame. It is like there is some force field around the U.S. this year, INSANE!

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If the same thing happened to you.....

Hi Everyone: As some of you know Claim Adjustment Specialist from Dallas has its attorney send us a letter threatening a lawsuit and restraining order if we followed through on our threat to contact

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For Adjusters with a year or two under their belts

I finished my first calendar year with 380 daily claims and 33 flood claims with Pilot / Allstate. I'm home now and things are slow (at the moment) and I don't do "slow" well. I signed up for AIC trai

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Give us the most outlandish story you have ever heard

This was a meeting for lunch back in the "mold gold days (2002) about 50adjusters were in Houston and had a meeting at Hooters. I was over on side with about 10 and a young man from Arkansas told us a

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