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Using the Summary Matrix to change Base Service Charges

Say you have your Parameters set to "Apply Base Service Charges" and now you have one claim where the client requires that you "Factor the Base Service Charges in to Unit Costs" instead of changing your Parameters for one claim use the Summary Matrix to change the way they are applied.

The image below shows the Estimate using the default  Parameters. For this example we want to adjust this estimate to remove the line "Total Adjustments ..."


To make the change just click on the Summary Matrix Icon or select Summary Matrix from the Window menu.  You can also use the shortcut, Ctrl + M.



Once on the Summary Matrix window click the Base Serv. icon.


Then you will see a window similar to the one below.

Just right click on the trade you want to adjust and select a option from the menu.

For this example we are going to select "Factor in to Unit Costs". The estimate shown at the top uses "Apply Base Service Charges".

Here is the estimate summary after we made the adjustments above, the line is now gone.

As always this is one way to do it.


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I would like to use Roy's example above, not as criticism, but as a reminder to estimators that "best practices" of cost estimating requires one to "find" a minimum cost of repair either with or without the use of base service charges. It's as easy to underestimate as it is to overestimate a "small" repair job when looking to arrive at the "right" price for the particular job. Whether you are required to "Factor In To Unit Costs" or "Apply Base Service Charges" to arrive at the approximate total cost of repairs, the process is a matter of understanding the several factors that influences the total cost at which most repair coordinators will accept to do the job. For the beginning estimator, much classroom study and hands-on construction experience are helpful learning venues to know what all these nuances are in those various factors mentioned above.
The "Xactimate" estimating software, which utilizes the above functions, goes to extraordinary lengths at explaining the many factors involved in arriving at the "unit costs" of the construction trades involved. Not being trained in other estimating software programs on the market, I am not and cannot attempt to make comparisons in these programs. However, I am very confident that Xactimate is an excellent "tool" to assist the estimators at writing accurate and complete estimates in the field.
It is also a plus for the insurance policyholder to understand that the computer-generated estimates are the best methods available for arriving at the total cost of their structural damages, but that they are only as good as the the estimator in his/her job function as they make it. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the estimator to perform ethically and accurately in the "scoping" process.

Martin Brewer, AIC

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