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129 Replies and 41444 Views Fire in CA    41444  129 Started by  stephie76
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Anyone know what the likelihood of any of us getting work from the wildfire in CA How big will it have to get Just curious.
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by  HuskerCatJump to last post
10/25/2016 10:15 PM
55 Replies and 33463 Views I fell off the roof for the first time in my life    33463  55 Started by  Olegred
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I went on this 10/12 garage to mark the hail squares. I was with the contractor. Northern slope was all covered with algae. I was talking to the contractor and said, 'I am not going on that slope'. As these words&160; were coming out of my mouth, I started sliding. Slid all the way down, gaining speed and fell to the ground. The contractor ran like crazy to see if I was hurt, but I was really lucky that day.Slightly sprained ankle and scratches all over my hands from trying to stop that was it....
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by  jhookerJump to last post
11/14/2014 10:59 AM
44 Replies and 27018 Views Class of BP Oil Spill Claims Adjusters Wants Back Wages and Overtime Pay    27018  44 Started by  host
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NEW ORLEANS (CN) - A class of more than 1,000 oil spill claims adjusters say they worked more than 40 hours a week without overtime pay for BP and Worley Catastrophe Response. Lead plaintiff John Altier sued on behalf of an estimated class of 1,300, who were hired to research and pay claims to victims of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. Altier says that he and the class 'were paid at a daily rate of pay. Plaintiff, and all other similarly situated claims adjusters were specifically p...
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by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
08/24/2011 5:35 PM
0 Replies and 5445 Views Adjuster Den Access      5445  0 Started by  host I have received many requests from users of the site about the Adjuster's Den.&160; The Adjuster's Den is designed to be a private forum for professionals in the Claim Handling Industry. The Den includes the following Forums; Storms, Hurricanes and Weather Tools of the Trade Employment Vendor Feedback Ethics Corner Hail Claims Man Made Cats Flood Claims Earthquake Claims Hurricane Claims The Claim File Commercial Policies Resid...
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09/26/2010 10:02 PM
0 Replies and 1261 Views Puerto Rico Cat or Daily Claims  1261  0 Started by  Bo.Dreher   Curious if you folks know what firms work Puerto Rico on a regular bases or actively looking for adjusters in PR. I have searched but can olny come up with Crawford, Renfroe and Littleton as far as state based firms.  Did anyone here work PR for Maria What were your experiences What was the $0 estimate fee schedule and what carrier was it for I've been trying to land a gig in PR for 2 years to no avail. Any advise, comments except folks putting me down for asking are much appre...
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09/16/2019 2:29 PM
0 Replies and 1322 Views The Attorney tells me to bring a gun! Uh...WHAT?  1322  0 Started by  vsadjuster So I am in Florida cleaning up insurance claims after Hurricane Irma and I call the attorney representing a homeowner to schedule the inspection. The very first words to me are 'do you own a gun' I was caught off guard. Is this a trick question We don't bring weapons on inspections! I asked why and he responds, there is a 700 lb. bear that lives at the property. Well my usual insurance related questions are out the window as the topic is now 'Bear'. Having grown up in Florida I thought to mys...
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04/30/2019 8:26 PM
2 Replies and 3682 Views Adjuster Health Insurance  3682  2 Started by  Kevin Ingram Does anyone know of any companies offering health insurance to independent adjusters as a group   I came across one and am thinking about signing up but wanted to see if there are any other options out there.  Some people in one of the adjusting groups I am in on facebook put it together.  I currently have a grandfathered policy through Blue Cross but my wife and kids have Humana and they are losing their coverage at the end of the year.  Any though...
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by  ellenpimentelJump to last post
04/05/2019 3:07 AM
10 Replies and 10472 Views State Farm  10472  10 Started by  mikt Hoping you guys and gals could help with a little info   I am looking to get some information about working for State Farm as a staff Cat Adjuster.  I have a couple of months doing claims under my belt.  So being new to the adjuster side of things, I thought that by working for a carrier I may have more opportunity for training and etc.  I have searched their website and cannot seem to find any info on open jobs as an adjuster. Does anyone have any inf...
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by  IAPATHJump to last post
07/19/2018 8:48 AM
0 Replies and 1643 Views Change of Profession? (experienced large loss and cat adjuster)  1643  0 Started by  BobDoLe I appreciate if you'd let me pick your brains for a moment here. I've got about a decade's of heavy cat adjuster experience (working in house for one of the major carriers) and about 5 solid years of large loss experience also. All of this has been in residential construction. I have a 4 year degree (BBA) that I haven't ever really applied.  The pay is good, but the travel is still a bit too much 60 despite no longer doing CAT which was about 90 of travel at times. I loved CAT, but w...
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06/24/2018 12:35 PM
0 Replies and 1161 Views NAFTA TN1 permits  1161  0 Started by  olderthendirt With the likely hood of NAFTA being cancelled there is a question as these permits were introduced as part of NAFTA . Lately a lot of US adjusters have been working north and I assume they all got TN1 permits. As always a few Canuks work south, especially when it a busy year.   Will we be able to cross the border to work in the future  
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06/11/2018 9:50 AM
0 Replies and 1344 Views WriteLoss-Xactimate writing company  1344  0 Started by  James1010 Has anyone heard of or used for writing Xactimate reports How was your experience with them Did they really have 24-48 hour turn around on your reports as advertised Were the reports they wrote accurate with no mistakes Has anyone heard of other companies who offer a similar service Any info is much appreciated. 
0 1344
04/10/2018 9:20 PM
0 Replies and 1465 Views Annual Adjusters Training, Anyone going?  1465  0 Started by  James1010 Is anyone attending or have heard of this Annual Adjusters Training going on this month in the Tampa and Orlando areas, being hosted by Winkler-Treger and Associates Here's a link to the registration page: Is this a legitimate training or simply a marketing gimmick 
0 1465
04/06/2018 6:36 PM
0 Replies and 2117 Views Florida Adjusters Study Guide/Manual  2117  0 Started by  James1010 Has anyone used the Florida Adjusters Study Guide to prepare for the state exam What's your opinion of the textbook Was the textbook helpful and full of relevant info that's included in the exam, or not so much Does anyone have a used copy for sale
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04/05/2018 1:31 PM
0 Replies and 1890 Views Adjusting to 6 figures    1890  0 Started by  James1010 Has anyone had any experience with Has anyone listed on their roster list and with what amount or success/response Are there any other national or statewide roster list databases that anyone know about
0 1890
04/05/2018 10:52 AM
1 Replies and 2933 Views THE NEW CAT ADJ PAYROLL DEAL!!   2933  1 Started by  LG2009 THE NEW DEAL! I have had several Cat companies approach me during these last storms with bogus price lists. One company wanted to dispatch me with Ins Co 'A' and pay me off a price list from Ins Co 'B'! When I questioned hem about this, I got no response. Another Cat Co decided that they would pay $100 for an inspection & scope only, the pay someone else another $100 for the estimate, and bill the Ins Co the full $700 fee! - GREED is running rampant among some of the Cat Cos. We leave our...
1 2933
by  kevinimiller007Jump to last post
12/16/2017 2:30 PM
0 Replies and 1906 Views E&O Coverage Excluding Named Storms  1906  0 Started by  mce1claims For the past year, I have maintained Liability and E&O coverage with Acceptance Indemnity Insurance Company.  The policy is marketed through AMIS, a surplus lines broker in CA.  The coverage meets the requirements of my customers and provides a reasonably priced package policy.   Unfortunately, those seeking similar coverage for CAT deployment situations may need to look elsewhere. Just prior to my renewal, I was advised that, in addition to the normal documents, I would have...
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09/21/2017 4:24 PM
2 Replies and 2432 Views What would make your claims experience better?  2432  2 Started by  PBrooks I work for a third party steep and high ladder assist company. My job is to make sure my guys out in the field are happy and enjoying work. I see a lot of negativity surrounding work as a claims adjuster. I want to know what you would like to see in the world of claims.  What would make your experience as an adjuster more positive  What would you want your company's to provide you Technology, benefits, etc. What annoys you the most when working with third parties or claims in...
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by  PBrooksJump to last post
07/26/2017 3:42 PM
7 Replies and 2976 Views Stucco question  2976  7 Started by  suzukini Hello again everyone, I hate having to ask this, but I will be the first to admit I am very unexperienced with stucco finishes, especially seeing them here in CA without any wall sheathing on the interior side.  Wind driven rain caused water to enter this attached garage which has in turn caused the felt backing of the stucco finish as well as the interior wood paneling to have staining. My question is this:  is the damage on the stucco felt layer something that needs to be replaced o...
7 2976
by  HuskerCatJump to last post
04/05/2017 7:10 PM
0 Replies and 1641 Views TN Permits and working under NAFTA  1641  0 Started by  stormcrow Starting to hear stories, Canadian Nurses refused TN permit. This is certainly a concern for Canuk adjusters wanting to work south of the border in the USA. Will they be refused entry, the agents certainly have the power to refuse anyone. And if movement southward is blocked, will Canada block US adjusters In the last couple if years many US adjusters have worked in the great white north. Most under a TN permit. Something to watch and would love to hear from any Canuks who cross or t...
0 1641
03/16/2017 11:28 AM
3 Replies and 3585 Views Premier Adjusting Services  3585  3 Started by  deblmw1 Has anyone ever heard of or worked for Premier Adjusting Services
3 3585
by  AndrewRIchJump to last post
03/06/2017 1:37 PM
9 Replies and 3322 Views Identify this  3322  9 Started by  suzukini Not claim related,but we are having the hardest time trying to figure out what the heck these metal clip-like pieces are for.  Anyone have a clue  They are spaced out randomly on the tile benches and raised walls outside a building here in Florida.  The clips do not move, are bolted from the top but also do not attach along the edge like it would seem.                  
9 3322
by  BobHJump to last post
02/17/2017 12:15 AM
0 Replies and 1777 Views 09l bust or beast  1777  0 Started by  stormcrow After days of watching still do not know what this is or if it will Hermine or Ian (see 08l).  finaly a TD and likely to be named soon, but so is the storm of the coast of NC. All we know is it is likely to make landfall somewhere between Galvaston and Tampa Bay some where between scattered remains and a major. Anyways do not give up your day job at 7/11  
0 1777
08/28/2016 7:20 PM
11 Replies and 16629 Views Simblity or Xactimate  16629  11 Started by  geneva Guys (and Ladies) who know/use both Simbility and Xactimate: Beside price (simbility is cheaper) what are real differences  Which is stronger for routine estimating  Tell me why I would choose one over the other beside price and everyone seems to use Xactimate  Help! Ernie        
11 16629
by  AcceleratedAdjusterJump to last post
07/27/2016 7:10 AM
1 Replies and 2172 Views Adding depreciation  2172  1 Started by I'm learning xactimate and am new to adjusting. I'm confused about depreciation. Some line items get depreciated and some do not on property claims. How do I determine which line items do not get depreciated on a claim
1 2172
by  AcceleratedAdjusterJump to last post
05/24/2016 6:52 AM
0 Replies and 2861 Views Adding sublimit deductibles  2861  0 Started by I am studying xactimate 28. When entering sublimits, which do not get deductibles added do I make the deductibles coverage specific or leave the deductible on dwelling then get covered by the rest
0 2861
04/30/2016 4:35 PM
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