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Last Post 06/24/2018 12:35 PM by  BobDoLe
Change of Profession? (experienced large loss and cat adjuster)
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06/24/2018 12:35 PM

    I appreciate if you'd let me pick your brains for a moment here.

    I've got about a decade's of heavy cat adjuster experience (working in house for one of the major carriers) and about 5+ solid years of large loss experience also. All of this has been in residential construction. I have a 4 year degree (BBA) that I haven't ever really applied. 

    The pay is good, but the travel is still a bit too much 60%+ despite no longer doing CAT which was about 90%+ of travel at times. I loved CAT, but with our growing family it was time to end my CAT days. 
    I'm prepared to relocate my family to wherever has better jobs available as well as decent school districts, so that flexibility is there at the moment. The desire to relocate to an area with better school districts and more things to do is actually a motivator at the moment as we live in a smaller town right now. My current employer does not have anything available for me that I would be interested in... and I'm thinking changing careers would probably have to happen at this time if ever.

    I'd need to make over $90k/year. I've done some research on a few things such as restoration and construction sales, but talking to other adjusters has always helped more than any google searches I've ever done on my own.

    There is a lot of experience here and I'm completely open to any and all recommendations. Thoughts? Suggestions? 

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