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Last Post 04/30/2019 8:26 PM by  vsadjuster
The Attorney tells me to bring a gun! Uh...WHAT?
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04/30/2019 8:26 PM

    So I am in Florida cleaning up insurance claims after Hurricane Irma and I call the attorney representing a homeowner to schedule the inspection. The very first words to me are "do you own a gun"? I was caught off guard. Is this a trick question? We don't bring weapons on inspections! I asked why and he responds, there is a 700 lb. bear that lives at the property. Well my usual insurance related questions are out the window as the topic is now "Bear".

    Having grown up in Florida I thought to myself that sounds a little big for a Florida bear. I call my boss and tell her the story and asked if I can bring a gun to the appointment and she says I have to run it by the Insurance Company. Well I caught them off guard too as they said Uh...What? I tell them the story and said that I am allowed to bring whatever security detail I needed.

    Well, cool! I set up the security and put in a call to Florida Fish and Wildlife as the last thing I want to do is shoot a bear while working. I tell them what is going on and they confirm that there are indeed bears that big in the area. They agree to be on standby as well.

    The day arrives and we show up and there is a vehicle parked right where the attorney said the bear would be. A guy is standing with his back to the brush just a few feet from the bears supposed bed. I said are you the attorney? He replied no, he sent me instead. I say is the bear gone? He laughs and says what bear? We get out with my security detail holding assault rifles and he stops laughing.

    I said to the gentleman, are you the attorney's brother in-law or something? Is he trying to get rid of you? He asks are you serious, there is a bear? Well fortunately, they bear was out making rounds and we were able to do the inspection without a hitch. There would be no bear today which I have to tell you is actually the preferred method of doing Insurance Claim Adjusting! I grab a drone selfie of myself and the security detail and everyone leaves.

    The next day I'm at my next appointment and the lady opens her door and a monkey is standing by her. I'm thinking to myself no one will every believe this week. I pointed down and said you have a monkey. She says, don't worry he won't come out. Right on cue, he runs out and grabs my leg and runs back in behind her. She said, he has never done that. After inspecting the exterior, I go inside to finish the balance of the inspection. I see the little guy and motion for him to come closer and he jumps on my back. She repeats, he has never done that before. You must be good with animals.

    After I finish, I text my boss..."you know that saying to get the monkey off your back? Well today I had a monkey on my back!" She texts me right back "at least it wasn't a bear!"

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