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2007 Version of Know before you Go.

My opine is not as good as the experts; but I think a monster hurricane will hit Texas or Florida with in the next 50 days. All new and old adjusters try not to be cheated by the known and not surfac

Posted: 08/11/2007 12:20 PM Replies: 32

Looking to get into roof claims in NC/SC

 I have been on the contractor side now I want to be on the adjuster side more or less. Sales isnt my ideal gig, but I am good at roof evals, and have done over 200 for hail damage.  How do

Posted: 05/09/2011 12:01 PM Replies: 5

Whats the best way to find work?

I have just finished my first deployment I have been working full time for the last twenty months as an IA.  Worked wind/hail claims on residential and light commercial, a few theft claims, and s

Posted: 05/17/2010 7:49 PM Replies: 3

All Cat company

Has anyone heard of All Cat-claims company?  We just got a message from them wanting us on their roster. We have never heard of them. If you have, what are they like and what is their pay scale?

Posted: 04/15/2011 8:47 AM Replies: 16


In my 20-something years, I can probably count all the times I have added permits to an estimate on one foot and still have a little piggy or two left to go to the market or have some roast beef.

Posted: 02/09/2010 4:31 PM Replies: 11

Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms

NASA has been warning about it…scientific papers have been written about it…geologists have seen its traces in rock strata and ice core samples… Now "it" is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shi

Posted: 02/08/2011 5:40 AM Replies: 7

good insurance article

Good article in The Independent Review a publication of The Independent Institute. a libertarian/free market think tank.   Property Insurance for Coastal Residents, Government "Ill Wi

Posted: 03/14/2009 7:00 AM Replies: 1

New Student With Questions

After a long time of not knowing what career path to choose I have to decided that I'd like to be a claims adjuster. I've searched this forum and found lots of good information,  but I

Posted: 01/17/2011 6:03 PM Replies: 11

Need to work

I am a very experience pdrp estimator and will be receiving my Texas All Lines License in a few weeks. I am looking to get to the Sandy region. I am willing to go work for anyone needing ass

Posted: 11/14/2012 11:13 AM Replies: 5

The Last 20 years. Has the catastrophe losses taught us anything ?

Hurricane Hugo- South Carolina 1989. Tree debris removable should have a limit of HO-3's 1990 a limit of $500.00 was in new policy.Orlando Hail storm 1991. Marble size hail will-will not total out com

Posted: 06/02/2010 7:17 AM Replies: 6