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Help, I do not have an answer

In the last 5 years or so I have talked on the phone, net, given free boot camps made many post on this site that I thought would be helpful to adjusters with less experience than I have. This topic i

Posted: 09/18/2009 4:34 PM Replies: 4

Memorial Day

 We created a special page this weekend for Memorial Day, it is currently the main landing page of CADO so to get to it just click the page provides an

Posted: 05/25/2009 5:11 AM Replies: 4

recycling shingles to use on another slope

An attorney I know sent me a copy of an Xactimate estimate from a major insurance carrier. The estimate calls for replacing a couple of slopes on the dwelling  and reusing some of those shingles

Posted: 08/13/2012 9:00 AM Replies: 8

New tree removal question

what is the highest residential tree removal claim. For removing a tree from a houses that anyone has seen? where? What casued it?

Posted: 04/20/2009 5:36 PM Replies: 12

Citizens for a better Citizens upcoming FL Meetings'd encourage anyone near by to attend these meetings in your area as they are coming up in the next few weeks in Pensacola and Largo. It says a

Posted: 12/07/2006 6:43 AM Replies: 10

The ugly side of adjusting that many of you do not know about

Several years after the hurricanes many of the claims turn into complete fraud.  Ray mentioned this on another thread.  I have a buddy that works at one of the big 3 in the legal department.

Posted: 04/02/2010 9:45 AM Replies: 45

Sandy Discussion

So, here we are Sandy is here.  It is really funny how changing jobs from commission to salary changes the perception. When I was a salaried road warrior, I used to beam with joy while seeing tho

Posted: 10/29/2012 4:52 PM Replies: 84

Vinyl siding repair

I am seeing more companies repairing hail hits on vinyl siding. I understand that they patch in a matching or similar pattern and then computer match the colour and paint the patch.  I am

Posted: 04/14/2016 6:32 PM Replies: 0

state farm fee schedule

Does any one have a fee schedule for state farm?  Is it component based or is it based on the amount of the claim?

Posted: 05/03/2009 7:10 AM Replies: 9

Who Pays for the E & O

Just wondering out loud here. When you work for a vendor do they pay for E & O or do you?

Posted: 11/02/2010 3:37 AM Replies: 12