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I am an Insurance Class Developer, and am interested in Adjuster opinions about your need for a CE class in Business Ethics. If this were a one day class that provided 5 to 8 credits towards your lice

Posted: 10/17/2006 10:36 AM Replies: 1

Ride along

I am in Vero Beach Florida and would be willing to ride along free of charge to get a perspective of the day to day activity. I have a Florida License all lines and various other certs. I once trained

Posted: 01/09/2013 8:55 AM Replies: 20

Katrina Fraud

Nice to see that the Government really is pursuing the thieves

Posted: 07/08/2008 9:44 AM Replies: 1

NYC CLAIMS- Anyone looking for a roommate?

I have been working claims in Jersey for the past month, but now I am being sent to NYC. My 3 buddies are being sent home, and the cheapest hotel I can find (that is not an hourly call girl type of ho

Posted: 12/09/2012 3:43 AM Replies: 2

Things to do before you leave on a deployment

As i am double checking everything to make sure I have everything in order for another deployment. I began wondering what others are doing to get prepared. Today I got the fiver out and was checking

Posted: 08/14/2007 1:33 PM Replies: 8

Exterior building metal

I am looking for help in writing a treatise outlining the best procedures used in determining damage to, scoping and estimating on commercial and residential exterior metal.   My intent is to d

Posted: 01/01/2009 6:51 AM Replies: 1

I Thought I Had Heard It All

Greetings to everyone from Oaxaca, Mexico, where Jennifer and I are taking a break from our last assignment and staying far away from the demonstrations taking place across town. I guess I'm reviving

Posted: 11/14/2006 10:29 PM Replies: 43

Drywall nail specifications

Does anyone no of a place to find drywall fastener (nails in this case) specifications. I'm sure I have a issue regarding improper installation.. Thanks, Robert

Posted: 03/17/2011 7:59 AM Replies: 16

2010 Hurricane Season in 6th Place

Dr. Jeff Masters reports that TS Richard puts the 2010 Season in "6th place for the greatest number of named storms in the Atlantic since record keeping began in 1851. Only 2005 (28 named storms)

Posted: 10/22/2010 10:21 AM Replies: 3

FIrestone .045 rubber roof question......

I am working a commercial loss in which insured alleges "wind" damage to rubber roofing membrane around perimeter of roof.  Approx area is 355' x 78'.  9' to 12' high parapet wall on front,

Posted: 06/05/2008 12:48 PM Replies: 11