Sunday, April 5, 2020


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"Fishers, IN – March 10, 2020 – Worley Claims Services LLC, a recognized leader in providing insurance claims services in North America, announced the launch of a new company brand and name to Alacrity Solutions Group effective immediately. The change reflects the company’s broader commitment and its expertise in providing innovative claims management services in the property, auto and casualty claim marketplace."

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TD13 (LEE?) big soak for big easy.

This should be Lee shorlly, 94L will not likely get named so we will have to wait for Maria.  This is very slow moving and looks like it is for LA. Not much wind but 10 to 20 inches of rain or mo

Posted: 09/02/2011 7:46 AM Replies: 0

Give us the most outlandish story you have ever heard

This was a meeting for lunch back in the "mold gold days (2002) about 50adjusters were in Houston and had a meeting at Hooters. I was over on side with about 10 and a young man from Arkansas told us a

Posted: 11/07/2010 11:44 AM Replies: 9

Fire in CA

Anyone know what the likelihood of any of us getting work from the wildfire in CA? How big will it have to get? Just curious.

Posted: 10/21/2007 7:01 AM Replies: 129

Internet on a Storm

Hey guys when Im not working for an insurance company I also work for a internet company. We now offer a product that everyone can use and can use anywhere with great speeds and an awsome price. My em

Posted: 07/23/2009 12:15 PM Replies: 5

If a pig eats your car, will your insurance cover the damage?

From an article on;   If a pig eats your car, will your insurance cover the damage? The answer, according to the folks at Allstate, is yes, but only if you tell the whole tru

Posted: 03/29/2010 12:18 PM Replies: 12

Will a Recession hurt claims handlers?

With all the talk of an economic slowdown on the horizon and the dreaded r word being used more often how will this affect claims handling. For those of you employed by either IA firms or carriers pre

Posted: 02/16/2008 12:10 PM Replies: 10

Is the Independent Adjuster Fast Becoming Obsolete?

I have written  more than few times about with Satellite roof technology , the fact that Xactimate is now fully integrated with EagleView and with Sketch , once the adjuster enters the sketch pro

Posted: 09/24/2010 10:26 AM Replies: 36

Underfunded Insurers in Florida

According to several recent articles in Florida newspapers a multitude of insurers operating in the state of Florida are severely underfunded and would not survive the aftermath of even a Cat 2. This

Posted: 03/11/2010 3:00 AM Replies: 3

Metlife-- current or past experience?

I've been offered a gig with Met and they've been a little sketchy with details of past claim count for the territory.  Its a territory that includes 19,600 policies in force.   Anyone her

Posted: 06/28/2008 2:10 AM Replies: 12

Auto Adjusting

Need advise on investing in training. What do ya'll think about an independent cat adjuster investing in auto physical damage training? or does this type of adjuster really need this training sin

Posted: 10/02/2012 6:32 PM Replies: 2