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Team Adjusting and GoToMyPC

I was talking to some teams that adjust claims together about how they help each other and one team indicated that they would get help from their partner who was at  home or some other locat

Posted: 06/27/2007 6:43 AM Replies: 4

2014 Thar She Blows contest is now open

The 2014 Thar She Blows contest is now open.  Click here to enter your prediction for this year's first hurricane to make landfall.   Storm Names: Arthur, Bertha, Cristobal, Dolly, Ed

Posted: 06/06/2014 6:29 AM Replies: 0

Bad Press

 In reading a recent article about roof prices and what the insurance company was paying, I notice the following comments to the article from visitors to their site.     "Propert

Posted: 12/13/2008 1:42 AM Replies: 7

Continuing Education, Florida

Anyone know of any classroom continuing education in Florida?

Posted: 08/25/2008 8:48 PM Replies: 1

Granite Counter Top Prices

Using Xactimate the price for granite counter tops start arount $82.00 Sq Ft. My question is Home Depot is charging around $58.00 Sq Ft Installed. Why the price difference ?

Posted: 05/01/2007 1:10 PM Replies: 5

Any Electronics Restoration Company you use as a go-to vendor?

I would like some input from the property adjusters of all levels, particularly in California. Is there a go-to Electronics Restoration/Decontamination/Data Recovery Company that you use on a normal

Posted: 08/15/2012 1:41 PM Replies: 3

First major deployment of the 2007 Cane Season, what will it mean?

I have some concerns about the first major deployment this season, will it be too little too late? Of course that depends on the size of the cane and where it hits. So many adjusters co

Posted: 07/24/2007 5:00 PM Replies: 22

Rusty Cat Adjuster has questions

hello, i use to work for a carrier : (  a few years ago.. I have some questions as I've never worked for an independent firm.   1. do you report to anyone on site?  if you have questi

Posted: 06/11/2008 9:38 AM Replies: 2

Like kind & quality

Is color taken into account, when roofing tile needs to be replaced ? I have a customer with a tile roof, that is no longer manufactured. All of the salvage yards have been searched, and the tile or

Posted: 07/01/2007 11:40 AM Replies: 10

Question from Visitor; Help with mobile home claim

I am not sure if you can help me, but I desperately need help with reference to an insurance claim that was denied.This is the second mobile home that has been damaged by water (Rain) that the insuran

Posted: 07/26/2010 5:15 PM Replies: 10