Thursday, December 4, 2014

Racketeering suit faces Hartford over Sandy

Author: Roy
New York • A couple claiming damage from Hurricane Sandy has filed court papers accusing a Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. unit, an engineering firm and a law firm for the insurer of engaging in racketeering by scheming to use fraudulent reports to deny claims.
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What happened to this roof?

Attached photo is from a 6 year old roof , which sustained minimal hail damage.  This condition is not present throughout the entire structure. The structure is in Nebraska      

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Franklin, Gert now 7 TS where are the hurricanes

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THE NEW DEAL! I have had several Cat companies approach me during these last storms with bogus price lists. One company wanted to dispatch me with Ins Co "A" and pay me off a price list from Ins Co "

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Forum Moderation

I have deleted this post because obviously there are those who have misplaced their sense of humor.   But I have to say that  I really don't appreciate being accused of being unpro

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NAFTA TN1 permits

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Contents Inventory Service?

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Liability Claim Releases

Many of us have worked are still work liability claims on a regular basis. This was a new experience for me. I have been working CGL claims for one carrier for about 2 years who have their own release

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CADO Down Time

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flood adjusting questions

  in a small flood loss where water is below 4' scenario in a flood loss do you r&r the studs up to 4'  or just apply germicide chemicals to remove fungi.  i know you r & r

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Used to work for the roofing companies, now I am here

So I am a young guy, just getting my licensing here in GA. For the past 2 years I have been working with the roofing companies here in GA. First, I was selling for Kaiser... not to bad. Goo

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