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Citizens Florida

Has anyone seen the 2007 Citizens/Forida list of  approved adjusting firms?  

Posted: 05/04/2007 7:19 AM Replies: 2

Medical Alert

All drugs containingPHENYLPROPANOLAMINE are being recalled. STOP TAKING anything containing this ingredient. It has been linked to increased hemorrhagic stroke(bleeding in brain ) among women ages

Posted: 02/05/2008 5:37 AM Replies: 1

high production tree removal

I'm trying to find out from a cat team adjuster stand point. I'm trying to find out if a adjuster can give out a list of homes that lets say has trees on them for a team to go in and do?we have done t

Posted: 03/30/2009 3:57 PM Replies: 8

Twentieth Anniversary of Northridge

Today in Catadjuster History: Twenty years ago today, at about four o'clock in the morning of Martin Luther King Day, my daughter woke me up, shouting, "Dad, it's an earthquake!!!!" I awo

Posted: 01/17/2014 12:15 AM Replies: 3

What if "The big one stikes Florida"

Check out this link:  

Posted: 09/08/2008 4:35 AM Replies: 1

Like kind & quality

Is color taken into account, when roofing tile needs to be replaced ? I have a customer with a tile roof, that is no longer manufactured. All of the salvage yards have been searched, and the tile or

Posted: 07/01/2007 11:40 AM Replies: 10

Adjuster Commission Rate

1. What commission rate do you feel an experienced and proven adjuster should be paid? 50%........60%..........70%..........    

Posted: 08/22/2007 6:20 PM Replies: 7

What is your least favorite type of property claim to work?

I can't stand working theft claims but i don't get too many of them.  I guess a close 2nd would be lightning claims.  Give me a good hail or wind claim so I can inspect it and close it.

Posted: 07/05/2007 1:47 PM Replies: 11

E & O Insurance

Hi Y'all! I am looking around for E and O insurance, it can get very expensive, anyone out there know of an agent to talk to???  I can get quotes on the Net, but most of it is for Real Estate Re

Posted: 11/01/2006 4:55 AM Replies: 3

good insurance article

Good article in The Independent Review a publication of The Independent Institute. a libertarian/free market think tank.   Property Insurance for Coastal Residents, Government "Ill Wi

Posted: 03/14/2009 7:00 AM Replies: 1