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I want to work!

If you are an IA firm looking for a good, honest, hard working, clean cut adjuster that can hit the ground running call me.  I have experience and professional references.   Jason Wells &

Posted: 05/18/2010 8:11 PM Replies: 0

The Attorney tells me to bring a gun! Uh...WHAT?

So I am in Florida cleaning up insurance claims after Hurricane Irma and I call the attorney representing a homeowner to schedule the inspection. The very first words to me are "do you own a gun"? I w

Posted: 04/30/2019 3:26 PM Replies: 0


Just wanted to say I am really enjoying reading the information this forum has. It deffinately brings everything to light.

Posted: 09/23/2008 7:02 PM Replies: 5

An extreme example of the dreaded 'steel hail'.

 "Honest, officer, my accelerator stuck."

Posted: 05/04/2010 7:23 AM Replies: 0

Property Adjusters Losing Out To Ladder Assist

If you happen to be among the group of people who believe that Ladder Assist is not gaining ground within the Insurance Claims Industry then it is time to take a closer look.  Ladder Assist Com

Posted: 03/23/2015 4:16 AM Replies: 4

Inside Truth About Adjusters, GCs and Attorneys with Respect to Claim Settlement

I have been seeing a great deal of post-Ike flap between the three catagories of adjusters, GCs and Attorneys as to who is the most capable of delivering services that produce the most accurate and co

Posted: 12/31/2008 4:18 AM Replies: 17

If you get hurt while cat adjusting are you able to claim workers comp?

  First let me start by saying I was not hurt.  However I know an adjuster who took a dive off a roof and he is now unable to work and will be out of work for 1 year until he is able to wor

Posted: 12/04/2008 3:58 PM Replies: 7

Ray Hall's Email address ??

I'm looking for Mr. Ray Hall's email address.  Could someone kindly PM me with it. Thanks -Jon

Posted: 09/25/2008 7:13 AM Replies: 4

Irene Deployment - possible scam?

I recently replied to a classifieds post that is requesting adjusters for Irene. They replied stating that I was acepted and to be in xxxxxx location by xxxxx time. The classified does not list a com

Posted: 08/30/2011 5:22 PM Replies: 2 Reported Attack Site

FYI:  My home computer's security system recommends NOT accessing at the moment: Reported Attack Site!         This web site at

Posted: 09/09/2008 5:35 AM Replies: 1

Past Articles

Note: Since CADO first went online in 1995 we have had many members contribute to the site with their articles and forum posts.  But over the years many of these post were lost however, we have recently been able to recover some of the articles and forum post and will be re-posting them as time allows.   They will be posted on this page (Commuunity Blog) with a note indicating that it was a prior post. RC