Friday, June 8, 2007

The “Killer” amongst us.

A article by Dave Hood

Author: CADO Admin

 There are many ways to approach the demise of the catastrophe adjuster.

   1) The fatal auto accident.

   2) The falling off the roof.

  3) The stroke

  4) The heart attack

Many of the above are related to the difficult and lengthily work hours we endure to provide our services to those that require them, as well as to provide for our families.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

House Fire--A simulated claim for discussion

Source: Forum Post Started by Racko on 9/19/2006

Author: CADO Admin

 To kill some time in this lull period & spread some knowledge, here is the scenario (or scenarios) as you see fit to make it. I will lay out the limited info as follows, and let's see where it goes.

Heavy fire loss occurs in a single family dwelling. Cov is HO-3, no issues with eff dates. Insureds have just left home about 6:00 p.m., a couple hours before fire breaks out and is discovered. High winds fan the flames and each house on either side sustain heat/smoke damage before the fire is brought under control. Let's say both neighboring houses now have some melted vinyl siding, one sided 2 years ago and the other 12 years ago. The elderly neighbor next door initially beat on the insured's door trying to see if they were OK, and burned his hand. He then rushed home to get his wheelchair bound wife out of their house, but she spends a week in the hospital with smoke inhalation related complications.

The insureds are a young couple, both smokers, with a 6 year old son. They just moved in about 2 years ago, only work in the house since they came was replacing the kitchen flooring, and adding a center island with a new cooktop on it. These were professionally installed within the past 6 months.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Flooding the Market with Useless Prospects: CAT Adjusters and Training

Author: CADO Admin

An opinion by Phillip Crimaldi 

"I’m fairly certain, at least from my own research, that a few things happened somewhere around the post-Katrina era.  First, a handful of hardworking independent adjusters made a bunch of money.  The adjusting companies who had the contracts for those claims made millions, and some of them made successful businesses that continue to provide claim services under catastrophe and structural loss circumstances.  The remaining folks either went belly up or decided to start selling a rather poorly designed training service.  This attracted every Tom, Dick, Harry (and Sally) who wanted to “Get Rich from Adjusting Claims!”.  Storm chasing contractors and adjusters came out of the wood-work after spending their savings, assuming they could also make a lot of money.  The percentage of catastrophe claims is way down and the story goes the market is now flooded with a bunch of folks who preach their ability to adjust claims by merely taking a software estimating class and passing Texas or southern license exams which really don’t encompass the business of adjusting.  Some are smart enough to suggest they would be willing to shadow for a claim or two, but most of those folks literally have palm trees on their resume heading, as if they’re already on retirement island!  The rest seem to be convinced they are “ready to go”, and all of them want to be “deployed” on some sort of “roster”, yesterday.  Who knows where these terms even surfaced. - See more at: 

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