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Wind vs. Water – Adjusting Practice

Subject: Wind vs. Water – Adjusting Practice

WYO Bulletin


In previous bulletins, FEMA discussed wind and flood investigative tips and a logical approach in addressing claims that involve both perils. Attached for your review are previous bulletins that address adjusting practices: WYO Bulletins W-08008, dated February 25, 2008 “Wind/Water Investigative Tips”; and W-08070, dated September 25, 2008 “Flood Insurance Claims Guidance.”

The following will not ask adjusters to do much more than they currently do when approaching any flood or wind damaged building. There is no requirement for the flood adjuster to estimate the wind damage.

When adjusting wind/water losses the, adjuster should use established and proven investigative methods when documenting flood and wind damage to buildings and/or contents occurring during hurricane or storm events. “Wind/Water Investigative Tips” can be helpful.

The adjuster is asked to record the process they always use when approaching a wind/water claim. In addition to looking for signs of flood damage and/or a General Condition of Flood and documenting the exterior water line, the adjusters should note any exterior wind damage, such as missing shingles, turbine or fascia damage. The adjuster should also photograph this damage and mention what was observed in the narrative report.

Remember, the Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP) Pays Only For Direct Physical Loss by or From Flood to Insured Property. Once inside the building, the adjuster should always document the flood water line. Damage below this line is typically flood damage (exceptions like wicking should be noted in the narrative report). Damage above the flood water line is typically wind damage, such as water-stained ceilings or water damage at broken windows or exterior doors. This damage should also be photographed and mentioned in the narrative report.   "


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