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Dale Strain replied to: RE: Xactimate 28 questions

Chase, Regarding the FCN # - you need to go to into the estimate and then to Insured Info>Personnel>Claim Rep>Edit Claim Rep and enter your FCN numb...

6 days ago

James O'Brienreplied to: RE: Introducing EquiX

Just to update. We are adding home & office furniture and home electronics/cameras/computers categories for those that do residential claims and would...

1 week ago

JW Caldwellreplied to: RE: Staff Adjuster Looking to go Independent

You might want to consider what kind of adjuster you plan to be: daily or catastrophe? Thank you for your quick and informative response. That is...

1 week ago

Chase Wagnercreated the topic: Xactimate 28 questions

Hello everyone. 
I am new to Xactimate software coming from Simsol. I am trying to figure out how to attach my FCN number to the final report on...

1 week ago

AcceleratedAdjusterreplied to: RE: Staff Adjuster Looking to go Independent

Yes, you can make more than that, and yes, you will put in a lot of 80+ hour weeks to do so. The upside is that your time as an IA is rewarded with bi...

1 week ago

JW Caldwellcreated the topic: Staff Adjuster Looking to go Independent

Looking for information on going independent

1 week ago

mbradburyreplied to: RE: Xact 28 estimating ELE, HVAC, PLM, etc

I appreciate your follow-up.  I was familiar with what you were talking about, and I think their sales pitch is more hype than reality.  Tha...

1 week ago

mbradburycreated the topic: Xact 28 estimating ELE, HVAC, PLM, etc

Properties for Construction Assemblies

2 weeks ago

Robert Thompsoncreated the topic: Company Info

I am new to adjusting and have a question about a company that has an employment ad on this site. Does anyone have experience with National Claims Adj...

2 weeks ago

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Advice for a prospective adjuster
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Need Site Surveyors
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Welcome - Say Hi or What's up, introduce yourself!
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Schedule C
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Need Help - Claim fraud or Not/
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Happy Holidays to the Grinch
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Regarding Texas Adjusters can now Appraise Used Cars
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Out of state taxes
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Fee Schedules
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CADO Membership hits 20,000
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IIS ClaimS
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E & O Policy
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The TDI in Tex
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