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FredWcreated the topic: Windows 10 & estimating programs

Windows 10 is being pushed out for us to use but has anyone tried it or will it work with Xactimate, Simsol, or Symbility? I presently pondering installing since I will be purchasing a new computer this fall.

1 week ago

Chad Bradfordcreated the topic: Ride Along

Newbie adjuster looking for ride alog information...

1 week ago

Barry Kingcreated the topic: Is the LM fee schedule the new norm>

Why are IA's working for the fee schedule LM provides?

1 month ago

perkin silasreplied to: RE: Coverage

Based upon the situation and worth of the products are the main factors should we consider at the time of coverage. [url=

1 month ago

DougSpurlingcreated the topic: Adjuster's Life--don't do it for the money

Why we do what we do

2 months ago

Dale Strain replied to: RE: Xactimate 28 questions

Chase, Regarding the FCN # - you need to go to into the estimate and then to Insured Info>Personnel>Claim Rep>Edit Claim Rep and enter your FCN numb...

3 months ago

James O'Brienreplied to: RE: Introducing EquiX

Just to update. We are adding home & office furniture and home electronics/cameras/computers categories for those that do residential claims and would...

3 months ago

JW Caldwellreplied to: RE: Staff Adjuster Looking to go Independent

You might want to consider what kind of adjuster you plan to be: daily or catastrophe? Thank you for your quick and informative response. That is...

3 months ago

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