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Adjuster License types in Texas - advice neeed!

Howdy folks. I've been lurking on this site for awhile... thinking about becoming an adjuster. I'm in the insurance business (sales) right now and have been for 15 years...  getting burned out big time. Also have a residential home construction background before that. When it comes to getting an adjuster license in Texas, it seems there are 2 or 3 different kinds - there's one for workers' comp, one for "all lines", and there's even one that's a "public" adjuster license. What the heck is a "public adjuster"? I think there is also one that is for property, but doesn't include other stuff - I THINK.

Anyway, what is the license to get if you want to be able to do everything except workers' comp adjusting? I don't want to get the wrong license because of my own ignorance.

Okay, here is the really big question. Is it practical to think a guy like me could get licensed and find an adjusting firm to let me "wade" into it by doing some day claims here and there to get experience and knowledge? I would love to go out and adjust claims on Saturdays, and I could probably squeeze in a day duting the week if necessary. I'm pretty sure the more tenured and experienced guys would be the regular day claim adjusters during non-disastrous times, and that there are still plenty of guys like that with little work to do if they aren't working cat claims somewhere. Right? Wrong? Maybe?

Thanks. I love this forum!




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