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First Posted on Saturday, September 02, 2000 - 1:32 pm: By: Lyndon

Bottom Line: Too Many Falls Last Year!!

1.) Take time to evaluate your ascension. Look at all slopes and valleys. Two and three story structures call for the utmost of attention and care. Ladder pulls are a particularly risky effort and deserve your utmost care.

2.) Do NOT be afraid to say NO! If you are very concerned about a particular roof, GET HELP! Local roofers are always willing to assist you! IF you ask the carrier, most of the will give their blessing as opposed to having you fall!

3.) A variety of ladders is not a bad idea. It offers you choices that you would not otherwise have.

4.) Avoid the temptation of setting up your ladder on a section of pitched roof, hoping that the "feet" will dig in and hold you. In this instance, 99 out of 100 ain't good odds! That one will get ya! If you have to do this climb, get someone to hold the ladder in place, better yet, get a longer ladder and avoid the situation!

5.) Know your surfaces! Moss, metal, moisture, loose shingles or tiles, ice, tree debris, small rocks, etc. all can cause you, or your ladder, to loose footing. WATCH OUT where you put your feet and ladder!

6.) On the roof. . .watch out for vent pipes, patches, weak decking, turbines, vents, antennas and wires, on and on! Ever back up to get just the right photo? Better look real good first!

7.) COMMON THREAD in almost all accidents: HURRY! Going too fast! . . .It is a killer!

YOU GUYS THAT FELL. . .please pitch in, and share your experience with us newbies and oldies! Tell us about the fall, the injuries, and the recovery. You just might save someone's life!



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