NCDOI Bulletin 14-B-03
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NCDOI Bulletin 14-B-03

Procedure for Catastrophic Adjusters

The purpose of this bulletin is to outline procedures your company will need to follow if a catastrophic event were to occur in North Carolina. NC Emergency Management staff will not allow any adjuster access to a declared disaster area unless the adjuster is carrying proper identification. 
The Department is requiring that your company provide each catastrophic adjuster with an identification badge. Attached is a template which you are to use to produce the badges needed for your adjusters. 
Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 58-33-70(e): “The Commissioner may permit an experienced adjuster who regularly adjusts in another state and who is licensed in the other state (if the state requires a license), to act as an adjuster in this State without a North Carolina license only for an insurance company authorized to do business in this State, for emergency adjustment work, for a period to be determined by 
the Commissioner, done for an employer who is an adjuster licensed by this State or who is a regular employer of one or more adjusters in this State; provided that the employer shall furnish to the Commissioner a notice in writing immediately upon the beginning of any such emergency insurance adjustment work.” 


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