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Flooding prompts evacuations in coastal communities - Boston Globe

Boston GlobeFlooding prompts evacuations in coastal communitiesBoston GlobeFlooding along that section of Route 3A damaged the Pilgrim Sands Motel and forced 12 guests to move to a shelter, the fire ...

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PB residents frustrated over flooding problem - 10News

10NewsPB residents frustrated over flooding problem10NewsThe flood water is supposed to flow into a drainage ditch that is big enough to handle runoff from hundreds of acres spilling down from Mount ...

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Seawall Breach, Flooding Hit Snowstorm-Battered Coastal Communities - NECN

ABC NewsSeawall Breach, Flooding Hit Snowstorm-Battered Coastal CommunitiesNECNPolice in Marshfield, one of numerous Massachusetts communities dealing with flooding, confirmed that a major seawall ...

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Ice Jams Cause Flooding, Prompt Rescues on Platte River - WOWT

WOWTIce Jams Cause Flooding, Prompt Rescues on Platte RiverWOWTCrews in the Omaha Police helicopter say the ice jam itself is more than a mile long and is causing flooding near the area of Two Rivers ...

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High tide floods parts of Scituate, batters Marshfield - Boston Herald

Boston HeraldHigh tide floods parts of Scituate, batters MarshfieldBoston HeraldSouth Shore officials are girding for this afternoon's expected high tide after parts of Scituate saw as much of 5 ...

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First posted in the forum on 11/15/2004

This post comes from the forum that we had during the years 2004 -2006.  We lost the forum but not the data.  The  discussion below is related to the killing of an adjuster doing her job 10 years ago on this date,  

  • 13 November 2014
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Article Archive

Cat Adjusting as a Profession (Is It For Me?)
From the Article Archive 
Title: Cat Adjusting as a Profession (Is It For Me?)
First Posted: Friday, November 26, 2004
Author: Gary White

My son is now ready to go to college away from home and excluding approximately 21 months in an attempt to try something different in my life as a "financial planner", I have been adjusting, supervising or investigating claims for almost 27 years. By the way, I have worked my share of hail, wind, tornado and hurricane cats for other carriers so I know from whence I speak. Even during the time while I was trying to become a "financial planner", I supplemented my income with adjusting temp jobs and contract adjusting work.

  • 6 July 2014
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Flooding the Market with Useless Prospects: CAT Adjusters and Training

An opinion by Phillip Crimaldi 

"I’m fairly certain, at least from my own research, that a few things happened somewhere around the post-Katrina era.  First, a handful of hardworking independent adjusters made a bunch of money.  The adjusting companies who had the contracts for those claims made millions, and some of them made successful businesses that continue to provide claim services under catastrophe and structural loss circumstances.  The remaining folks either went belly up or decided to start selling a rather poorly designed training service.  This attracted every Tom, Dick, Harry (and Sally) who wanted to “Get Rich from Adjusting Claims!”.  Storm chasing contractors and adjusters came out of the wood-work after spending their savings, assuming they could also make a lot of money.  The percentage of catastrophe claims is way down and the story goes the market is now flooded with a bunch of folks who preach their ability to adjust claims by merely taking a software estimating class and passing Texas or southern license exams which really don’t encompass the business of adjusting.  Some are smart enough to suggest they would be willing to shadow for a claim or two, but most of those folks literally have palm trees on their resume heading, as if they’re already on retirement island!  The rest seem to be convinced they are “ready to go”, and all of them want to be “deployed” on some sort of “roster”, yesterday.  Who knows where these terms even surfaced. - See more at: 

  • 12 June 2014
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Wow! We recently reached 23,800 members. What can I say but thank you for visiting and being a part of the community.  Without you we would be nothing.


Thanks again.




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By Rob Britton @ AmericanWay

Are you ready for the life as a Cat Adjuster or road warrior?

The life of a road warrior can be hard, not only on the traveler but also on his or her family. Experienced business travelers explain how they MAINTAIN THE PERSONAL-PROFESSIONAL BALANCE...

  • 24 May 2013
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 If you are currently working with Xactimate 27, then you may wish to get the Training Workbook.

  • 19 April 2010
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State-run insurer of last resort bears much of coastal cost

By Mary Williams Walsh
© 2008 The New York Times,
Reproduced under license from
the Copyright Clearance Center

Hurricane Ike caused as much as $16 billion in property damage, by some estimates, but the state-led insurance pool that will ...

  • 17 September 2008
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In this quick tip we cover issues related to Overhead & Profit (O&P) that you may encounter in the field.  Some clients may request that you handle O&P in a different way then what your current default settings allow.  In those cases you may only wish to change the settings on a selected file instead of changing your system setup. 

  • 12 July 2008
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By Ric Vitiello is president of Benchmark Services Inc.

"Among the most serious and challenging threats to the performance of any roofing system is hail damage. Failure of a roof membrane due to hailfall can result in flooding and damage to inventory and equipment. Protecting against hail damage is one of the ultimate tests of any roofing ...

  • 4 March 2008
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By John Postava;  First posted in the forum.

"They say there have been more mistakes made by computers than Tequila and Hand Guns combined.  That being said, with the help of one of the top trainers at Vale National Training Center we published a white paper on what we feel are some of the top ...

  • 29 February 2008
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