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high production tree removal

I'm trying to find out from a cat team adjuster stand point. I'm trying to find out if a adjuster can give out a list of homes that lets say has trees on them for a team to go in and do?we have done t

Posted: 03/30/2009 3:57 PM Replies: 8

Going broke doing daily claims.

Any of you guys make any money doing daily claims?  My experience is that since I have experience, then I do the daily claims and make no money.  Our inexperienced guys get sent to do the C

Posted: 10/09/2009 4:53 AM Replies: 14

What is up with FEMA?

I have a friend who has/had 3 rental houses on the beach in west Galveston. One is off in the ocean somewhere, another is clearly totalled, and another with minor mold damage and one patio torn off.

Posted: 10/12/2008 7:06 PM Replies: 7

Commercial Claim Pre-Existing Damage

Commercial owner claims that the insurer cannot claim pre-existing damage if they did not pre-inspect the property for insure-ability.  The property was an abandoned school house that is almost 1

Posted: 05/15/2014 8:08 AM Replies: 4

Scoping/Estimate writing

I had an incident come up today.  I got into a dispute with a company A about changing my estimate (written per my scope notes) based upon  two-dimensional photographs.  I acknowledge t

Posted: 08/25/2008 7:54 PM Replies: 32

Current Fee Schedules

I know that there has been very few changes in fee schedules in recent years and have reviewed the comparison that Clayton put together back in 02 or 03.  Besides Citizens NFIP and the Texas Wind

Posted: 08/17/2007 10:56 AM Replies: 3

Settle an argument about a pool

I see I misspelled settle   ( Can't go back and edit that part)   Not a claim  just a house I was at I say the pool is part of the dwelling as there is a contious foundation fro

Posted: 09/02/2008 3:40 AM Replies: 22

Having a hard time

Hello to everyone. My name is Jason and I am new to adjusting. I know that this is what I would like to make a career out of but I am having a hard time geting started. I hope that if anyone has any i

Posted: 04/09/2007 1:33 PM Replies: 1

Mentor ----Trainee how to onsite

ust curious what peoples thoughts are I have heard many different things what does a trainee expect ???   whats fair to both parties?

Posted: 09/02/2008 6:20 PM Replies: 1

Mercury Adjuster

Hi I am knew to this forum... Looks like this forum is more for adjuster than it is for people that need a claim solved. I hope you guys can give me some advice. Recently I got hit in t

Posted: 07/13/2010 10:10 AM Replies: 5