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Stucco question

Hello again everyone, I hate having to ask this, but I will be the first to admit I am very unexperienced with stucco finishes, especially seeing them here in CA without any wall sheathing on the int

Posted: 02/28/2017 4:56 PM Replies: 7

Happy Holidays

I want to wish all of the members of CADO a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (and I'll add a happy holiday season to be politically correct). This past year has had a lot of ups and downs tha

Posted: 12/24/2008 4:01 AM Replies: 2

What am I doing wrong?

I have been working steady since 9/2008 until 04/2011.  I have worked a hurricane, several hail storms, and day claims.  I have worked with PA's, Attorneys, and Engineers.  I took a few

Posted: 05/27/2011 6:19 AM Replies: 11

BP Oil Spill

I worked the BP Oil spill for Worley for 8 months and had a positive experience. I heard from and adjuster still deployed in LA that Worley may be adding adjusters back to the cat to handle all the la

Posted: 10/18/2011 5:27 AM Replies: 11

Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms

NASA has been warning about it…scientific papers have been written about it…geologists have seen its traces in rock strata and ice core samples… Now "it" is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shi

Posted: 02/08/2011 5:40 AM Replies: 7

New Texas adjuster, Old estimator with Questions??

Hi all ,, I just finished my texas all lines training and exam ,now I am waiting to receive my license. I've been writing auto estimates for many years . I also have worked for roofing/construction c

Posted: 01/06/2014 9:31 AM Replies: 1

The perfect Restoration Contractor

To start off I have to say this is one of the greatest resources I have found as an Insurance Restoration Contractor. This is my first post as you can see, but I do "alot" of reading on here. I would

Posted: 12/16/2009 1:32 PM Replies: 6

Cat opportunities in Ontario Canada

For Canadian based and licensed adjusters.  Immediate work, daily rate.  Please forward resume and status at 

Posted: 07/23/2008 8:19 AM Replies: 0

Conflict w/ Ins. co.& questions regarding Appraisal Process

Note: This is a transfer from the Bulletin Board.   Hi! My name is Andrea Davis, I am an independent adjuster for the State of Texas, the Hill Country of Texas recently received a hail storm

Posted: 06/25/2009 9:50 AM Replies: 11

If the same thing happened to you.....

Hi Everyone: As some of you know Claim Adjustment Specialist from Dallas has its attorney send us a letter threatening a lawsuit and restraining order if we followed through on our threat to contact

Posted: 10/18/2006 6:33 AM Replies: 42

Past Articles

Note: Since CADO first went online in 1995 we have had many members contribute to the site with their articles and forum posts.  But over the years many of these post were lost however, we have recently been able to recover some of the articles and forum post and will be re-posting them as time allows.   They will be posted on this page (Commuunity Blog) with a note indicating that it was a prior post. RC