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Loss Codes

Would anyone have loss codes available in either alpha or numeric format ? If so can you e mail to Example Fire: 01 or FR. I'm looking for loss codes for property, liability an

Posted: 06/04/2008 8:20 AM Replies: 0

Presumption Of Fraud

An interesting bit of reading as the spring court cases come about... 3/15/07 Latha Restaurant Corp. v. Tower Insurance Company Appellate Division, First Department  Dramatic Overstateme

Posted: 03/24/2007 4:47 AM Replies: 2

How much experience

How should experience be counted?  For example if someone handled claims for 2 months in 2009 and 2 months in 2010, do they have 2 years of experience or 4 months? 

Posted: 08/19/2010 6:41 PM Replies: 9

I fell off the roof for the first time in my life

I went on this 10/12 garage to mark the hail squares. I was with the contractor. Northern slope was all covered with algae. I was talking to the contractor and said, "I am not going on that slope". As

Posted: 01/22/2010 12:40 PM Replies: 55

Treating trusses with smoke damage.

Hello, I have a question that seems to get mixed answers.  In a home that has been damaged by fire, some of the trusses and studs that were not damaged need to be treated to make sure th

Posted: 03/19/2007 12:11 PM Replies: 10

Cunningham Lindsey not paying

Be careful if you are working for Cunningham Lindsey with Sandy. Slow pay or no pay and a lot of bogus excuses like difficulties with processing.

Posted: 12/18/2012 3:33 PM Replies: 5

Infra red roof scans for the midwest market?

Infra red roof scans for the midwest market I am considering the idea of offering infra red roof scans for partial midwest (Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana) area. Would this service be of interest t

Posted: 09/04/2009 10:20 AM Replies: 10

History of the Fee Schedule

This is my recall. About 40 years ago all claims, liability and property were done on T & E and the carriers questioned the IA on the time charged for to drive 50 miles one way and take a statemen

Posted: 07/18/2008 6:25 PM Replies: 17

CAT adjuster income tax prep

Do CAT adjusters file their tax returns as a self-employed person?        If you have a w-2 should you only file as single,married,etc and use the business expense f

Posted: 03/14/2011 12:46 PM Replies: 4

4.5-magnitude earthquake that hit at 6:42 a.m. in California

A 4.5-magnitude earthquake that hit at 6:42 a.m. near Banning and the Morongo Reservation shook Orange County Wednesday morning, but did not appear to cause any major damage in Southern California. -

Posted: 01/06/2016 3:30 PM Replies: 0