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Adjusters in Western Colorado?????

 Claims in Western Colorado... Adjusters who live near Western Colorado or anywhere near there to include border states. Please contact me, I have daily claims right now and no adjuster in that

Posted: 04/06/2010 8:22 AM Replies: 4

Civil Authority Ordered Evacuation

This was a hot topic in 2005 after Hurricane Rita. I made a post in the fall of 2005 on this topic and it died on the vine. This could be the next hot button in 2008 as thousands of people who live in

Posted: 05/23/2008 1:45 PM Replies: 1


Does anyone know if there is an accepted standardized test for brittleness to determine repairability?  If there is an accepted method for testing I would love to know by whom, where  and wh

Posted: 11/17/2010 1:41 AM Replies: 22

HAIL: The difference b/t a Hail Hit and a HAAG Hit...

I sat through a vendor training seminar a few months back and walked away stunned at what I heard.  During the seminar, we were told that a hail hit on a composition roof had to penetrate th

Posted: 09/28/2010 1:03 PM Replies: 28

Did the 2005 hurricane season make it harder to make money?

I work for a smaller adjusting company.  Before 2005 we had about 15 adjusters and I made pretty good money each year off of a few small storms.  If there was a hurricane then that was

Posted: 06/02/2007 5:47 PM Replies: 12

Southern Nevada Adjusters

Are there any southern Nevada adjusters on the forum? I have looked at the 10 or so that are listed in the CADO adjuster database and most are out of the industry or in another stated working storms.

Posted: 10/12/2012 7:02 PM Replies: 0

flood adjusting questions

  in a small flood loss where water is below 4' scenario in a flood loss do you r&r the studs up to 4'  or just apply germicide chemicals to remove fungi.  i know you r & r

Posted: 06/12/2008 5:55 PM Replies: 2


I talked with a gentleman this morning that has several accounts that I handle claims for in Arkansas. He has a very livable schedule, (above average), and the companies expect professionalism on ever

Posted: 09/16/2008 6:09 AM Replies: 6

Cunningham Lindsey purchases GAB Robins

Ladies & Gentlemen:   We are pleased to announce today that Cunningham Lindsey has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase GAB Robins’ international businesses (excluding its UK

Posted: 02/10/2009 2:39 AM Replies: 50

Canada hail work

How many of you have worked north of the border?  Did you drive your own vehicle with your tools/ladder?  Licensing needed?  Pay rate decent?  Just wondering as I went on stand by

Posted: 08/15/2012 12:39 PM Replies: 4